WIP: CC3+ re-do of Quasqueton, B1 TSR adventure

A group came in, cleaned it up, and left some guards. Late getting back to here. The guards have had it. 3 are zombies, 3 are dead, some are manacled and dead, etc. I have two more levels to do. I try not to place the same room numbers in case I blurt out the room number and the players see my room descriptions. This way they have a harder time figuring out what is next.

The dragon flies seem... to be up to something...

re-do: Quasqueton

1. dust on the floor that could have been furniture.

west secret door: push up to enter. It closes after 20 minutes. Push on right to exit room

north door; push on left.

46. 2 gp under the dust

2. pull handle on north side of door, both sides. empty

3. kitchen; 2 giant centipedes

4. pull handle on south side of door, both sides. empty

5. entrance area; dead body, looks like the guy was fleeing.

The roots are easily movable, they are on a hidden pivot. The 5 dragon flies will move out of the way, once the party moves into the
corridor, the insects move in front of the entrance. After 15 minutes, the roots move back in place in front of the entrance.

No armor, no weapons, two arrows in the back.

6. dining hall; new furniture, 4 skeletons wth spear and shields.
2 shields are green, 2 shields are black.

7. food store room; new cabinets

8. Lord's bedroom; Gelnar, Cleric 7/Fighter 8. long sword hidden under bed. Glows, but not magic. pouch with 10 pp in it.

9. hidden store room; push down to open door. barrel has stale apple juice, rather moldy, in it. 2 small chests have illusioned gold pieces in it. they are actually silver and copper.
50 sp, 300 cp
2 shelves, empty

10. wife's bedroon; Karla, M-U 7/Thief 9 bone scroll ube under bed, 2 scrolls, scroll 1: cure light, cure light (cleric) scroll 2: Knock, Knock
small box made of bones; 20 pp inside,
two 50 gp gems

11. Gelnar's lab.
1 shelf, and one table. dusty glassware, some candles empty otherwise

12. food store room; new cabinets

13. trophy room; halfling skeleton, wood elf skeleton, various bloody shields, broken maces.

14. store room; empty

15. storage, 6 new cabinets. 4 skeletons, green shields and spears

16. hidden room; totally clean

17. spiral staircase down to 2nd level

18. secret room, human tuch or Knock to open. chest: long sword +2, foot mace +1,
250 pp, 100 gp, 50 sp

19. storage, empty. Door knob on both sides, north side.

20. store room, dusty, one door is marked Enter, the other door is marked Exit. secret door; push on left side to enter,
put on right side to exit.

21. brush clearing tools, rusted and rotting handles. 2 adzes, 3 sythes push up on secret door to open

22. storage, brooms and dust pans. secret door, Knock or push to the right

23. tools
two 5 pound sledges, 3 wooden mallets, one 10 pound sledge, 15 iron spikes very rusty, could be usable a few times,
two rusty two gallon buckets

24. barracks, 11 double bunks

25. storage; 5 new boxes, empty, stack haphazerdly around the room

26. secret room; rtwo empty wooden boxes

27. food storage, 6 new cabinets. fresh apples, fresh pears, fresh oranges, dried apricots

28. food storage; 5 bags of rice; 3 bags of barley; 3 bags of wheat. 6 small bags of dried food: apricots, apples, dried peaches

29. library; 6 book shelves. nothing special. Books on plant identification. If there were any magical books, they are gone.

30. 31. 32. guest rooms; one bed, two chairs, one rug, one night stand with a bowl of water

33. store room; new wooden storage. 2 barrels with ale; 2 sacks with rice; 3 sacks with wheat flour; 3 empty wicker basquets

34. room with a corpse.
the bush will attack any that come within 5 feet by firing 1d3 spikes per round as 1 hd monster, they do 1d3 hp damage each.
the 7 dragon flies wil move away from the party, and hover over any wounded or dead.

35. magic-user lab; glassware, locations on shelves that could have held jars of various sizes.

36. horse skeleton, looks placed as not enough room for a horse.

37. recreation room; tables with cards and some have game boards drawn on them. the cards are fairly new, back design is too common to determine from where they originated.

38. real treasure room
chest 1: needle trap, painful but no poison 500 gp, 1000 sp, three 150 gp gems
chain +1, shield +1, ring of fire protection. bracers AC 4

39. manacled dead halfling

40. manacled dead elf

41. manacled dead orc

42. fake treasure room
5000 cp, 100 sp in each chest. the 2 amphorae are empty

43. training room
training dummies, very rotted

44. 3 giant rats

45. entrance hall
one dead body and 1 skeleton ( not undead ). the dead body was killed by sword wounds. broken bow by his side, quiver empty of arrows

These are guards put here by a new group that was moving in. The others have not returned. It has been 2 weeks since they left.

46. small corner of 1.

47. passage to stairs down to 2nd level. no guard rail, fall is 10 feet down. 1d6 hp if miss save vs. dexterity

9 giant rats in west corridor; 10 giant rats patrolling the north corridor.


  • dagorhirdagorhir Traveler
    That is quite nice. I noticed that you are changing that map/adventure considerably. ;)
  • I like the circular-ness of it. It gives it a progressive quality. Nice Job!
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 253 images Cartographer
    edited April 2015
    There are 2 more levels to go. I wanted to do a variation on the original theme.
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 253 images Cartographer
    edited April 2015
    Here is level 2. Yes, if you would like, you can use this in your campaign.

    Level 2

    1. 3 small green bushes. They don't do anything. But th dim green glow will likely seem like they do something. A small lever, under the spiral stairs, will move the stone out of the way and the stairs continue on down to level 3.

    one spear carryng bugbear around the corner

    2. circular room

    1 troll

    if the nice circus-type canopy is moved, the crypt will split length wise and stairs will now be revealed going down to level 3.

    the room is overwise empty

    3. another new barracks room.

    3 giant illusional ants

    the food dishes upper right of the room should be a give away they aren't real.
    But adventuerers may just look at the ants and not see the uneaten food

    4. several trap doors in the floor

    The item in the lower right of this room is a glass window with wood shutters.

    1 illusional will-o-wisp in the center.
    3 bugbears in room 9 are the real threat.

    The trap doors don't fall in, they are used for storage. There is a ladder and shelves
    in each one. But they look like pit traps.

    5. 5 barrels of food, fresh apples, rice, etc.

    6 green sacks of barley

    6. 3 zombies, no treasure

    7. a treasure room, not found by the new tenets, nor the monsters who took over.

    to enter: there is an iron rod hidden on this level. Putting it into hole at the corner of room 20,
    the corner widens like an accordion bellows. If the corner is forced by characters,
    the wall will close in 15 minutes. If the rod is inside the room when that happens,
    two Knocks will be needed to open it back up. Not much air if several people are trapped.

    8. 2 spear carrying ogres.

    9. 3 spear carrying ogres

    10. a camoflauged floor pit trap.

    11. 5 sword carrying skeletons

    glass double window at one end, wood shutters.

    12. 4 sword carryng skeletons will act like they get strength from the brazier,
    it isn't actually magic

    13. WC

    14. empty

    15. empty

    16. empty

    17. WC

    18. empty

    19. glass double window at one end, wood shutters.

    20. empty

    21. empty

    22. 2 spear carrying ogres

    23. empty

    24. fresh food on platters, 5 ogres wait in the hallways nearby

    25. torch sconce at one end.

    To open the secret door, remember, 'Put the candle back !' from Young Frankenstein.
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 253 images Cartographer
    edited April 2015
    I'm not very satisfied with level 2.

    Here is level 3. Mainly there are two evil factions trying to take over Quasqueton. The Green and The White. The passageway out the back of the castle wall and moat goes to one cave complex. The large sqaure room on the right has stairs that go to a different cave complex.

    Updated the map on April 4.

    Why yes, I have put moats and castle walls in dungeons before. My players hated the idea, so I thought I would share.

    Level 3

    1. 15 ogres, one group of 15 at a time, take turns guarding the moat.

    2. path for White liveried monsters to go to their cave complex which goes down into the depths.

    3. path for Green liveried monsters to go to the castle wall, then into their cave complex.

    4. a small guard post, 6 skeletons.

    5. a large guard post

    5 ogres and one half-orc

    6. barrels, with 8 ogres behind them. Partial cover.

    7. behind the wall and moat

    15 human fighters, bowmen
    3 clerics
    3 half-elf fighter/magic-users

    10' x 10' area behind the wall leads to their cave complex and an exit to the outdoors.
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  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 253 images Cartographer
    edited April 2015
    Here is one cave section. Room 3 has a set of 5 foot tall walls. Room 2 is food storage. Haven't decided where to put the exit to the surface yet. I invision the other cave system to exit deep under ground as it is backed by Dark Elves, the Drow. I made this map with CC3 instead of CC3+. I've also been thinking of a re-do on B2, Caves of Chaos, but I'm still deciding on the surrounding terrain of that location.
  • 6 years later
  • The things I find when I do a search, forgot I did these. And the fcw files are on my hard drive. I thought i was going to have to redo them by tracing over the png files. And doesn't appear to be on my web site. Well, time to do something about that, fix these up a bit to.

  • This time with effects. The main floor.

    I widened a number of walls. My players, back in 1980, said they were too thin.

    They didn't want to cut through the thin walls, they were worried about what would pop out... it was our first adventure, and they were being careful.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    it was our first adventure, and they were being careful.

    And after gaming with you for a while, they became even more careful? :)

  • level 02

    This version is more of a living fortress than an abandoned area.


  • Store players charged in... my home players would try to find a hint of a smile, or frown... not there. I try not to give out facial clues. Recently one of my siblings asked me if I had problems not laughing on their escapades.

    I replied there were times I had to work hard not rolling on the floor laughing. I got glared at.

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 253 images Cartographer
    edited November 2021

    level 03, incomplete.

    I was trying to say above my home players were more careful, and hoped for a visual clue that I tried hard not to give.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    I think the trap doors in the floor at 4 might be on the wrong sheet. They have shadows as if they are tables sitting corner to corner.

    Otherwise, nice mapping Jim :)

  • Nice @JimP :smile:
    Turning the effects on makes a big difference.

    You could perhaps move the trap doors and pits onto the "symbol flat" layer to remove the shadows?
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 253 images Cartographer
    edited November 2021

    Oh, my players never saw this version. I ran the original for them.

    edit: This is just a quick update, I'll work more on this later. Level 03 has a corridor headed off to another area.

    I made these by setting up the main entrance level, then doing a save as for each level down. That way it is easier for the stairs to line up. I'm not sure what that room on the right is for on level 3, I'll check my notes in this discussion and see if I can remember.

  • Yeah, I have other maps where I put trap pits on the shadows, flat sheet. I'll get it, but I need to do a few other things today.

  • Ah, the caves above are not in my folders... so I'll have to redo via import, etc.

  • Level 2, traps now on symbols, flat. And added a door at the bottom of the stairs from level 1.

    Yes, at the 'top' of room 19 that is a glass shuttered window.

  • And here are the caves mapped again. I couldn't find the original bitmap fill, so I chose Stone lava cooled from Dungeon DD3 Color.

  • Okay, scale bars and compass added.

    Level 01, the main level.

    Level 2 down. Room 1 spiral stairs goes down to level 3, room 2.

  • Level 3, main area.

    Level 3B

    Note that the shadows on this level are gray, not black.

    1) fog with a trench

    2) store room with barrels and book shelves.

    3) first room encountered on this map. 3 open pits, and an open pit with spikes. An iron maden blocks access to a secret door.

    4) 2 chests, a huge green glowing skull, and a ghostly crate.

    5) a ghostly bed

    6) Alchemist table and 2 other tables.

    7) a large tent. Something ,might or might not be in there.

    8.) a theater stage, 8 chairs, and 2 barrels behind the curtain.

    Area/level 3C left to map.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    Note that the shadows on this level are gray, not black.

    A more dangerous variant? Maybe they drain con instead of strength? :)

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 253 images Cartographer
    edited November 2021

    They do something, I haven't decided what just yet. My home players would definately be very cautious about that change.

    edit: I probably need to do a local area map as well. I could call it something else, and it could go into the Atlas.

    Any suggestions ?

  • Ah, some of the room descriptions are incorrect. I'll work on that to.

  • The map area, so far, off to the right from Level 3.

    Yes, the smaller circular room is a trap. The treasure is real, from the previous adventurers.

    Two rooms are connected to the outer ring via secret doors and secret passageways. Arrow slots allow them to fire into the smaller room.

  • I think I should make this area larger or more parts. This faction doesn't have much room to live and defend.

    Hard to see, but the two open pits with just 2 or 3 skulls, also has a few gold pieces.

  • 1 year later
  • I do really think I need to make a spreadsheet of my WIP maps so I can track what is finished and what isn't.

  • Or to make things more distracting and time consuming, how about use CA 41 Abstract Graphics or CA 73 Corkboard to make visual aids that keep track of what is done or not?

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