Some More Maps from my campaign

While i know the concept of "guilds" in DnD isnt foreign its is as prevalent either. However video games incorporate this game play mechanic extensively, particularly in Elder Scrolls.

In my campaign im going to give my players the option of choosing to align with a guild(s). Ultimately using it as home base of sorts for their adventures in the region.

Below are two i have started. Eventuality i will be incorporating a temple for the more religious characters.

Let me know what you guys think.

First Floor of the "Mages Guild"


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    ... oh and just a waterfront shanty tavern.

    The establishment is run by pock faced Half Orc named Blart and when asked why does Futs have an "S" and not a "Z" like Hobitz, he will answer "Itz becauze itz pluralz"
  • Impressive! Definily beautifull.
  • One question. How you made the underwater rocks? Simply a Transparent effect?
  • Yes, but its really two sheets.

    So the background is the water itself, i then place my rocks and debris symbols on top of that.

    I create another sheet call "water transparent" using the transparency effect.

    Then I use the smooth poly draw tool and draw a shape around the symbols.

    Then i modify the properties of the shape to the water transparent sheet and use the same fill style as my water background.

    Looking back with this map, i think i could have just used one sheet with the transparency effect as you implied. However having two sheets allows you to create a cool effect of an object jutting out of the water, if you make your poly shape to cover only some of the symbol.

    I'm at work so i don't have a good example of that, but when i get home i can upload it.
  • Those are impressive. Very nice work! I especially like the waterfront tavern.
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    Awesome! I like that it all seems well-color-coordinated :)

    Which symbol set(s) did you use for these?
  • Thanks everyone!

    Im using Mike Scheley symbols from the SS4 set. For almost all of it. I do occasionally use some of the John Roberts stuff or SS2 symbols. But always trying to keep the Mike Scheley "feel".

    The dock was used from the CD3 symbol catalog.
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    Nicely done. Love your maps.

    And the guild concept is a really nice way to base a campaign to provide your players with a stake in the world, some direction for adventuring and some backup when it all hits the fan.
  • I love these maps. But I have to ask you about Duh Lucky Hobit'z futs. Does he have a second floor to keep his supplies? I am just wondering because in my games my players are always wanting to break in to places and steal the beer :P
  • Lol, yes it sort of does...

    The history of the place is, it has been abandoned several times by the previous owners. They either left for better opportunities or simply "disappeared". The previous owner was of the latter category. The name changed with each new resident as well.

    The current "owner" Blart just moved in and simply started selling booze and what seems to be barely edible goop/food, he calls a Bowl of Nev'Wint's Dreg (Con DC 20, fail - random status effect depending on the day of the week).

    DLHF may likely be extorted by one of the waterfront gangs and since this is more of the seedier area along the docks, the port authorities pay it no regard. That has its pro/con, Since the place isn't really an official structure nor is there any official owner on record no taxes have to be paid. As you'll read below most of the goods are stolen so therefore its almost pure profit... even if a local gang has there hands in the cookie jar. Low overhead helps this as well. But as implied 100% of 5GP, is a less then 10% of a 100. This prolly helps at keeping the officials and non-official elements away for the most part.

    But to answer your question.

    There is a trapdoor just behind the bar with ladder to a boat/raft. The supplies are brought in from there. The supplies are likely the random cargo that occasionally "fall" off the docked trade vessels or the dock themselves or whatever Blart can get his unwashed hands on. Since there is no store house, what the tavern has on hand is very dependent on what has been procured recently. Having a light stock means there is almost no interest in the nefarious sticky fingered types. I'm sure an occasional street urchin or drunkard gets a hair brained idea that they might be able to help themselves, but again you have to have pretty low aspirations to want to steal from the DLHF or are extremely desperate... which after doing the math, even a person with Int of 6 or below my rationalize that a crack on the skull and a free swim in the harbor isnt really worth half a barrel of expired bitter watered down grog.

    And if your next question is "Where does Blart sleep?" He will answer "On duh bar uv corse?" He has been doing so for years and truth be told, not wanting to lose his bed is his main motivation for taking over after the previous owner "disappeared".
  • That's brilliant! Love the backstory.

    Thanks for sharing.
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