First map. Suggestions and thoughts

Hello everyone.

First i'd like to thank everyone who helped me with all the technical issues i had with this map. thanks for your patience.

This is my first map. The outline of the landmass was imported from FT3, and as such was a huge map. so it was slow for me when editing and adding effects. i experienced multiple crashes throught the whole process. but i think thats a result of such a big file.

The map itself is a fantasy realm created with the Assyrian/Babylonian (Syrian/Iraqi) landscapes in mind. All the names and most of the words are Summerian and/or Arabic.

let me know some suggestions, things to add, remove, etc...

Thanks in advance.


  • Just one suggestion to make, but first let me say this is a lovely map; a great first effort.

    In the jungles to the south, many of the tributary rivers look like they're flowing the wrong way to join the main flow: first away from the sea, then turning. This would only work, I think, if it were clear they were flowing from high ground that forced the water's path in a certain direction.
  • Maybe they could be like the everglades? But yea it does seem a lil strange.

    Outside of that the map looks great... i really like the shape of the landmass. Very distinct and yet natural! Great Job Poppiecock!
  • "Maybe they could be like the everglades? "

    That's a possibility I hadn't thought of. In that case, though, I might want to use a different fill, one more indicative of a swamp or marsh.

    Another thing occurred to me: the (fictional) mapmaker wasn't familiar with details of that part of the world, so he just filled things in the way that seemed reasonable to him, based on stories he'd heard. PCs would see this and perhaps want to explore to find out "what's really there", or maybe they're hired by a rival cartographer who wants to show the mapmaker up as a fool. Instant "lost city" adventure! :)
  • i should have you guys do my story line for the dnd game im running. haha :)

    thanks for the tips, ill definitely try to work with them and post the up dated map. i see what you are talking about. they do sort of look lik they are running away from the shore and then bend to connect with the main line.

    is there a easier way to make jungles wrap around rivers at a precise distance?

    also another problem i had was when i did the borders and i wanted to trace, the map would randomly pick what direction it went in. is there a way to set this up so it goes in the direction i desire. Thanks again guys.
  • For those who think rivers have to flow a certain way, study the course of the Niger river - U bends, and an inland swamp for starters. And also the rivers that have carved canyons/gorges out of mountain barriers.
  • I love the way you made the mountains flow naturally down the land. It is very well done. Sometimes I try to do that with some of the maps I make and I end up not liking it so I delete the whole map and try again. then other times I seem to get it right and love the result. I wish I could get mine to look as good as your map here does.
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