Wow FT3 is great

Hi all

I am really happy with this Software FT3, which I bought some days ago. It really speeds up the work of creating Alien planets a lot and it has great options to customize. This is important so things do not look cloned all over. FT3 is an extreme timesaver.

Planets with the diffusemap wrapped around them. The Program also creates normalmaps and heightmaps. While it is perhaps not really useful for planets, since you don't really see earth in 3D either from space. Even the Himalaya is way too small to show up against 6000 km radius, it will do great services for dioramas. Also for close up views for example with a spaceship closer to the surface.

Detail of the map I am creating. (It allows even huge maps)

I am really happy, thanks for creating this great software and also thanks for the freebie terraformer V0.50. That package is a big helper.


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