Elemental Plane of Fire map

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to present to you a map I made of my interpretation of the Elemental Plane of Fire . It was made for a session of D&D Next that am running. The scale bar is purposely blank because the Elemental Plane of Fire changes shape so often and distances are warped so often that it is almost impossible to tell how far away something really is.

I made this map using a few different styles, mainly the 13th age and the Herwin Wielink styles, though there are some free for all use symbols thrown in from the Dundjinni forums.

Well, I hope you all like it.


  • Very nice and evocative. My one suggestion might be to leave the scale bar off altogether (or create one that reads 0 to "??"), since distances on such a plane might not be comprehensible to a mortal mind, just relative positions. What did you use for the fiery whirlpools?
  • Thanks Barliman. Thats a great idea for the scale bar. I will probably end up doing that. The fiery whirlpools on the mountains are volcano symbols from the 13th age Cartographers Annual. The Storm of Flame is a whirlpool symbol from the Herwin Weilink Cartographers Annual symbol set, with one of the Volcanoes from the 13th age symbol set placed on top of it and surrounded by some great flame symbols from the old Dundjinni forums.
  • Obviously I'm going to have to get that 13th Age annual. :)
  • I decided a few months ago that I wanted all of the annuals so I waited for my tax return and just bought them all. In my opinion they were completely worth it.
  • I have #s 1-3. I *think* since I'm using CC3+ now, I have to wait for them to be updated. But I'm not 100% about that.
  • Posted By: BarlimanI have #s 1-3. I *think* since I'm using CC3+ now, I have to wait for them to be updated. But I'm not 100% about that.
    Only the March, 2015 issue is updated for CC3+, the rest have no been done yet. I'm a Patron, so I would know if the updates had happened, the free room on my hard drive would be much smaller. Profantasy always does a good job, so they will get it done. Just hang in there.
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