CC3+ Tutorial [Skalderand]

Hi everyone,

I recently started drawing with CC3/CC3+. Despite other comments I've read in multiple forums the learning curve wasn't a big deal for me as beginner. In my opinion the most challenging part is to find a way of mapping and thus creating a "own" style that suits you the best. As some of you noticed already in my thread called Skalderand [CC3+] I've found my personal "style" of mapping. So I wrote a little step-to-step tutorial for myself to produce multiple maps within CC3+ with a consistent look. In here I use mostly basic stuff and nothing fancy so with the help of the manual you shouldn't have any trouble of following. I really hope this will help other beginners to CC3+ when coming up with their personal style. In the future I will definitely continue this tutorial covering regional maps, cities and dungeons as well as Photoshop overhauls. So stay tuned and please send me tips for improvement that I might include into my little tutorial. Same applies for any errors or misspellings you might find (English isn't my mother tongue).

So have fun and happy mapping

edit1: special thanks to olona for providing the link


  • Thanks for posting this!
  • This is great tutorial. Thank you very much!
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    Thank you very much for the compliments, I really hope someone benefits from it.
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    Thanks, nice going!

    What's the link to your thread?

    edit: Found the thread.

    edit2: linespaces ...hmmm... how in bbcode ...argh.. ... reverting to html code
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    Hey Malmo,

    You have to set the comment to "html" then use the following "code":
    <a href="">thread</a>.

    You can replace "thread" with whatever title you want.
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  • looks great, and thanks for posting the tutorial!
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  • Thanks for this - your community spirit is appreciated here.
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  • Any updates? Regional tutorials?
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