Mul Faruhn (a work in progress)

Hey all!

Got CC3 a week or two ago and been working on some maps. Wanted to reach out to the community here by sharing my work so far.. :)

I am an experienced DM (DND5 atm) but an inexperienced graphical designer but so far I am fairly happy with the progress (although to be honest, I've been at it for at least 20-30 hours - excluding Joe's tutorials and working my way through the Tome).

First map I made should be very recognizable because it was the map I made using Joe's YouTube tutorial. It's all fairly basic work. I got to use it in game because I made it into a player handout (the gems in the mountains are the location of a hidden treasure cache).


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    Second is a set of maps I'm currently working on, a dungeon complex known as Mul Faruhn. It's an old dwarven fort set at the bottom of a shaft created by a fallen star (hence, the lava still burning below it). One of my players has received a vision that his higher power has hidden three magic items which will help him overcome a great danger.. They were all sent down by meteors and the first item is hidden here, at the bottom of a series of caves beneath the fort.. The map itself is a series of islands interconnected with bridges..

    I am enjoying it a lot although it's been a very hard progress.. I had to look up so many things (and even ask some questions here) but overall, it's shaping into something I'm quite happy with..

    This is the general map of the cave with the fort in it.. No details here, this is just an overview.. I was very happy to discover I could use a bitmap with lava found on the internet as a background layer.. I tried to add some glow effects to the layers of the rock.. I am still going to flesh it out a bit although the detailed maps will contain all the important stuff..
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    A detailed map of the fort itself (I copied & pasted the fort + layers). I put in most of the details.

    Overall, and this counts for both the MF maps, I would like to make them a little less bright and less 'clean' (especially the courtyard).. I probably have to experiment with the sheet effects for the entire picture but for the moment I think I will just stick with this because I need it finished before the next session..

    I dislike the clearly visible tile design in the rock surrounding the fort (near the outside of the map) but I really don't know how to fix this..
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    A very rough prototype of Mul Faruhn.. Note that on the current version of MF I designed the keep using the Castle Walls Annual.. In this prototype I just used (thick) lines and circles for walls because I didn't have the annual yet..

    Needless to say, I never finished it.
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    Finally the dungeon beneath Mul Faruhn.. But I am going to redesign it.. :)

    I made this before I made the new keep design.. So I am now planning on using the outline of the rock where the fort is placed on and use that as the dungeon map (with the lava showing outside).. I will probably make some caves leading outside (to the lava)..

    I will use all these maps in Realm Works, which will allow me to incrementally release map bits to players.. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to our next session..

    Note that on this first dungeon I only detailed the northern part (I was planning on using it during our last session but luckily the players never reached the fort, giving me more time for this redesign).. :)

    Thanks for the help and advice given so far.. It helped a lot! :)
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    Oh, by the way, the lack of text on the maps is because I will not release these maps like this to the players.. As mentioned above, I will put them in Realm Works, and incrementally show them to the players on a second monitor so text is not needed.. I will add information on the DM map not visible to the players through Realm Works (great program, check it out if you haven't heard about it).
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    This is a sketch/tryout of what I want to do with the rest of the dungeon.. Still need to find something that works.. Especially where caves meet dungeon walls (to the left of the room).. Maybe I'll scrap the idea of the cave/dungeon hybrid or will just make the lower levels into caves and the top levels like a traditional dungeon.. :)
  • Impressive work. I specialy loved your background for the Mul Faruhm map. Congrats!
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    This is all kinds of awesome and I wish like mad I was playing in that coming session.

    I love the orange glow you gave the different "layers"/levels of rock. And that lava texture is fantastic. The fortress looks appropriately strong with, what looks like, walls made via Cartographer's Annual Issue 46 or JDR's non-annual tutorials. Marvelous work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bravo! These are fabulous FreakFire74. I agree with Mateus; the lava background is awesome.
  • Wow! Thanks a lot! :) Working on the dungeons beneath the fort atm.. Can't wait till Wednesday!
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