Revamping Crestar, using an Annual style

I am going to redraw the southern continent of Crestar, trying various Annual styles.

The resulting maps will resemble Crestar. Hopefully by Spring, 2015, I'll be mostly done with the surface mapping style I settle on, and be doing the detail maps. I want to get away from the 185x234 miles pieces of my current surface maps. My attempts to come up with a quick way to redraw the 185x234 mile pieces as one large map aren't working.

As I get some of the southern hemisphere maps done, I'll post them. So no need for this to be in show and tell yet.

Oh, I'll be using the color overland styles, skipping the B&W styles.

If you want to get the old maps, feel free to do so, but I don't think I have the worldall maps up right now on my site.

Hmmm. Where did this headache come from... :-)


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    Trying the age13 one first... this laptop screen is too small. What I'm doing is making a surface map of 25000 x 12500 miles, divided up into 70 columns of a square grid. With a vertical grid of 35 squares. Basically using the grid as a method of moving old map squares over to the new map squares. There is a loss of detail, otherwise my eyes would start hurting, and I doubt this 1.2 GHz laptop would be up to the task of lots of detail.

    I've been looking at decreasing the size of some countries, and increasing the size of others. Too many 'empty lands' on Crestar. I'll be looking at that as well.

    I only have 2 columns out of 70 done, so there really isn't anything to post just yet.

    Yes, it wont fold into a hemi-sphere... but the inhabitants don't realize that they aren't on a sphere.

    My old maps went down to row 20, I have added 15 more rows to this map.

    I'll use this to detail the arctic regions at the North and South poles.

    So, this will put a stop of moving my site over... I'll need new detail maps.


    I almost forgot the important bits.

    1) I'll be renumbering/relettering the columns and rows to make it easier to figure out what you are looking at.

    Columns on each hemisphere map will be labelled 1 through 70 and rows 1 through 35.

    2) Basically discarding the detail maps ansd making new ones. I really feel they aren't very good.

    3) besides Age13, I'll also be trying Fantasy Wortlds CA28.
  • I only have 3 columns done on one map, and 4 columns done on another map. This is out of 70 columns.

    But okay, I'll post some pngs of my work so far.
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    I have discarded this map.
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 275 images Cartographer
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    I have discarded this map.
  • Wow Jim, redrawing your world, as large and detailed as it is, is quite the ambitious undertaking. I think it is worth it though. Some of the annual's styles are hard to resist. I think your 13th Age version is wonderful looking already, and you are just getting started. I'll enjoy seeing your progress as you go along.
  • Sigh, the sound you hear is me bouncing my forhead off the Virtual Anvil under the village smith's tree.

    As I was putting in construction point markers, rows and column changes on a continent, I was thinking I could use this one hemisphere map to show cold and warm currents more easily.

    Yes, I said to myself, that nation has fog due to the cold current coming in from the top of the map...

    Ooops. South on the southern hempisphere map is at the top, not the bottom of the map. I did this to get my players years ago to realize they weren't on a parallel Earth, but a dfifferent location.

    I could rotate the finished map, or redo all of the tundra areas and redo the scenarios I have on the back burner, and leave the map drawing just the way it is.

    OR... have the arctic regions in what would nominally be the equator and the pole regions being 2 equators.

    I now go quietly back to hitting my head on the virtual anvil as I try to decide how to handle the finished map. Yes, I'm going to finish it.

    Then do all the other things. Argh ! Some of the other all things, argh...
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    I'll just move the arctic areas, and move the main continent towards the bottom part of the map, towards the south pole. Since I'm redoing the maps anyway, only the surface ones are important right now.

    The virtual anvil has requested repairs. Ah, the fun of not remembering the map labels and making such mistakes.

    some of the narrow areas look closed up, but when I zoon in they are open to the end of the bays.

    This is this is the one southern hemisphere continent with some islands. A number of islands are too small to put on this map.
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    Another version of the same map. Just moving the main continent, and thinking about relabelling the ice and tropic regions.
  • Most everything rotated, ice and tropics labelled.

    Which one of these three do you suggest I go with ?
  • Well that giant inland sea will be the center of any civilization that lives there... So I would say number three so it will be sub tropical and have a desert band and a temperate south.
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    I was leaning towards the third one as well, but I can be talked into one of the others. I redid the inland sea. Originally one side was temperate and the other was jungle. Plains off in the center.

    I didn't put the mountains in, leaving those for later.

    edit: I decided on number 3.
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    At this scale 25000 miles by 12500 miles, color areas for mountain ranges would be best. Not sure how to do the borders between areas.

    For detail maps I was thinking of using DeRust symbols. What do you all think of that ? Would there be better symbols for the surface detail maps ? They have to be in color.
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    Removing old site at and replacing it with the new sub-domain. Crest of a Star Old site should be completely gone on Monday evening, Oct 13, 2014.

    If there was a map there you wanted a copy of, please let me know and I'll put it on the new site so you can download it. Note that I have even less spare time since I retired and it may take longer to put the file up on my new site.

    edit: Oct 16, fixed a typo in the url.
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    updated map. Many islands and island groups added, labels added.

    If you want me to post zoomed in maps, just ask.

    Yes, I know the jungles should be more wide spread across the continent, but my players and I don't like jungle adventures, so the Jungle Lands area is small.

    edit: updated the map with more text.

    edit Oct 21: This map has been updated to the newer map below.

    edit: Dec 13: Small print... but the map had an error on it. Plains of Death should be Plains of Dareth. I'll check my site as well.
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    New Northern hemisphere map, 25000 miles by 12500 miles. I re-named one of the Barrow Islands.
  • I was checking out your new site and have to say that your maps are looking fantastic!
  • Thank you ! I have been doing a bit of twiddling on dungeon maps... evidently I need to relearn dungeon designer.

    The Northern Hemisphere map is more detailed than the now old one I have posted. I'll upload to here and my site in a day or two.
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    Newest version of the Crestar Northern Hemisphere. I added a new land mass. Some new labels as well.

    larger version of the map: 1400x700 pixels corrected Dec 15, 2016. For some reason, I linked to the wrong hemisphere. Fixed.
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    A newer version of the Southern Hemisphere, map borders added. An ocean deep added. Nomads and various ither locations added.

    Oct 21: newest large version is on my web site. 1600 x 800 pixels.
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    very cool jimp i have a link to crestar on my pC and visit every once in awhile i enjoy looking at your world it relaxs me...speaking of which the old link no longer works have you taken it down?
  • Yes, crestar is down permanently. The new site is:
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    Here is a portion of the southern continent and two island areas. Trillolara, Dank Forest, and Teslarc are where the game sessions took place.

    Another area, Dwarf Home, is not marked on this map, but it would be between Land of Strife and Trillolara.

    Map updated on Oct 29, 2014. Map updated on Dec 16, 2014. Hills, some volcanoes, and additional city markers added. Forest areas added.

    This map is made up of 200 x 200 mile squares. The lighter areas in 'Plains of Dareth' are the Wastes of Taq.

    1100 x 1025 pixel map on my web site.
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  • JimP, I just poked my head into your site again. Wow! you have done an amazing amount of mapping. It is all coming together wonderfully. I really like the new style.
  • Thank you ! I'm working on a close up of Trillolara and figuring out which dungeon Annual to use for the redraw of my dungeons.
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  • Argh... Some of my maps don't match. So I'll be redoing them on my desktop which has a much larger screen than my laptop. I should have spotted it before posting them/uploading to my web site, but didn't until last night. My apologies.
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    An island in the far south of the Outer Ocean. Ice surrounds it on several sides. The west side is free of ice most of the year. A deep warm current upwells out in the ocean, mostly keeping this side free of ice.

    The west side has been used as an invasion route more than once.

    The destruction of the Telkha-Nar-An People came about in this way. The ruins locations are where they once lived.

    More detailed map of the Island in progress.

    Thkh Mountains ?

    An explorer had come in and tried to tell the people there the horror he had seen, but they thought he was naming the mountains. So they added it to the map and he left.

    The empty lands is the south-west corner of the Southern Continent, Bellshar

    1100 x 800 pixel version
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    This is more of Trillolara, with the nearby Dwarf City called Dwarfbas. With the adventure area of Dwarf Home, now full of evil beings, just down the road.

    No scale yet, and nothing uploaded to my site of this map yet.

    Why isn't Traql on this map ? Why the locals don't see that island. It doesn't exist for them.

    Added a better map.
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  • Dwarf Home area, closer in, more detail.
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