Future Earth (23rd Century)

This is a map of Earth using the Satellite map style. The premise is a near-future world after the glaciers melted. I ran the JPEG through a filter. Cheer.s


  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Cool. Interesting that, despite less landmass, the population has grown roughly 17%! Yikes. Did you import and modify a satellite FT map with the Annual style, or did you trace an image directly? Or did you use some kind of cartographic super power and just create it from rote? Either way, sweet map.

  • This is great. It looks very much like something I have been thinking of for one of our games. Have you also included rises in temperature throughout the world? How does that affect where the population lives? The rise in sea level triggers all kinds of questions. I may have to borrow this to develop for my own stuff! :)
  • ModricModric Traveler
    These are all great questions and I need to think up answers! The symbols indicate major population centers (Megalopolis). The world assumes regional power blocks that vie for control. Uptopia and Atlantica are floating cities.

    As far as the map, I did some research and I was able to find a few maps with predictions of remaining land masses assuming a glacial meltdown. I imported them as a BMP and traced them using the default land setting and them added terrain. I used a filter in Flare (Mac app) to get the video effect.
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  • Really well done. I like how the water level has risen and the population level makes sense. would austrailia and greenland really be gone if the waters rose that much? something the think about I guess...
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