my battlestar work

here is my mercury class battle star from the show its 1800 meters long on a scale of 4.5
i have also done a destroyer a cruiser and the Orion


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    Very nice design. Though I don't venture much in SciFi, I like what you did...

    What are bats doing in a spaceship?
    Just joking but as you changed the text scale for other labels perhaps It would be consistent to change the bats too...image
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    That looks really cool! I love the rebooted Battlestar design. Nice to see a map for it now!

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  • My fav scene in the new series was when Adama dropped the BS Galactica into low low orbit and just let it drop as he launched all fighters, then jumped back to high orbit. Truly a stunning scene to see it start to cook before jumping out. Nice ship work there Craig!
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