Deadlands Reloaded: The Barrelbelly Saloon

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Here's another battle map the street in front of a Saloon in Portland, Oregon. It included a bit of the saloon and the livery across the street. Thanks to Sadizm for the piano symbol, it can be found in this thread.

Click the image above to get the A1 version with a 5' grid. This link has a version for more abstract area movement (a la Fate). The CC3 map is attached to the post, but you need to recreate the piano symbol in the folder #Symbols/User/Dungeon/Deadlands/ to see it properly. The hay bitmap texture is from the Annual Volume 1.

This map was thrown together very quickly, I spent perhaps 30 minutes mapping it and another 20 minutes to glue the nine A4 sheets together. It features - together with the Chinatown block map - in this weekend's Deadlands Reloaded session.


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    30 minutes that is very cool.
  • Only 20 minutes to glue the nine pages together? It always seems to take me forever when I'm piecing together a battlemat. I always seem to end up with pages that don't quite line up. Is there a secret to doing this that you would care to share?
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    Secret? Hmm...

    Don't use scissors, but an exacto knife and a ruler. Make sure you have something to protect the table underneath! Cutting mats are great.

    And most importantly... don't care too much if the pages don't line up 100% - they never do for me either, but the players don't notice. ;)
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    Posted By: Ralfdon't care too much if the pages don't line up 100% - they never do for me either
    Agreed! Whatever you do, even with precise dpi resolution, you always end with mismatched seams...
    I also noticed that a white (or very light) grid makes the seams less obvious (assuming you cut along grid lines), because when you cut white paper, it's still white along the cut.
  • Thanks Ralf and Joachim! It's good to know that it wasn't just me who had problems lining up the pieces. I think I'll try the exacto knife method too. Cutting on the grid is also a great tip.

    I'm having one of those 'Why didn't I think of that' moments. :)
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  • Nice map!

    I like the detail of the groud texture!

    The muddy look on the sreet is very successful!
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