The Evil Abbey ("Master of Desert Nomads" - Old School D&D)

Awhile back I started mapping out the "Master of Desert Nomads" Module (X4) side-tracked along the way...and have now decided to come back to least for now...

The final sequence in the module involves an Abbey that has been quietly taken over by "Bhuts" posing as monks. Its a large complex with lots of areas to explore and lots of fun there is a catacombs.

Because the area of the Abbey is way to large to print out as one battle map (400' x 300'), I figured that I would create one map file with 3 different views. One view will be the whole Abbey complex that can be printed out on letter-sized paper. The other two views will have the roof hidden and just show floor plans of the buildings (some have 2 floors). For these, I will zoom in and print out the parts I need in battle-grid scale.

So, here is my progress thus far on the first view. Still have a ton of work to do with it, but pretty happy with how its shaping up. Super special thanks to Joachim for pointing out that CC3 has a roof building function (

I welcome any and all comments, criticisms, and suggestions...particularly for the roofs...there are some odd shaped buildings and I'm having a hard time figuring out where the ridge lines should be. The roof to the NE is a two story building and I'm still trying to figure out if that should go above or below the Abbey wall...Ditto for the roof I still have to build to the south of it. The other roofs lining the walls are 1 story and will jut out from the wall itself.


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    This looks great, can't wait to see more
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    Muttered by: Igor (pronounced EYE-gore)Abby... someone.
  • Finished the roofs (for now)...Not completely sold on the NW corner set of roof lines.
  • Another update...tinkered with the my pattern fills...color modified the roof texture and blew it up a little bit. Still need to tinker with shadows and the outer wall...thinking I might add some crenelations (think thats the right word for it).
  • Gonna go ahead and call this one temporarily done (pending comments and changes that will arise as I map out the actual floor plans). I've fixed the roof shading so it matches the sun direction of the shadows (thanks Joachim). I've added crenelations (for aesthetic reasons)...added a large statue on the wall overlooking the South East. Added little door stops to indicate where the door will be (since they're hidden by the roofs). Also started tinkering with the map key and label area...I will need to pretty it up eventually.
  • Here's a map of the Blacksmith's shed (little square building below the well on the full map). Also, this reflects the final grid which will be 5'. Not super happy with the archway entrance, but will do until I figure out a better way to do it.
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    Wonderful work, as always!

    An idea for the archway: Make it a separate piece on a new sheet (with a gap in the wall underneath) and make it half-transparent.
  • I hope there will be a huge underground catacomb with many traps, skeletons and powerful artifacts to discover!

    It would be very nice!
  • Great design. I also love your goemetric ornaments! Do you think some transparency of all the black -ink?- text and drawings could benefit from some transparency to allow the texture's relief to go through?
  • Your maps are always a joy to look at anomiecoalition. Your consistency of style across all of the "Desert" series is quite professional and really sets a mood for the adventures. Beautiful work as always. :)
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    Thanks for the suggestions and words of encouragement! Excellent idea on the Archway Ralf - I actually decided to use it to depict doors as well - though I think I will need to tinker with the settings a bit more for them. And the idea of transparency on the Black text and geometric design sounds promising...almost like a "bump map" (I think that's what people call it.) I'll try to work on that soon...And, yes, I'm looking forward to making the Catacombs. I haven't looked at the original design for that much yet, but I will certainly take some liberties to spice it up a bit if I have room.

    Here's an update of the Blacksmith's Shed incorporating the new arch. I've also changed the floor texture to one that is a little more seamless. (BTW - I've already decreased the blur effect I put on the floor...the image of the Blacksmith's shed is blurred too much)...I've also uploaded a picture of the Grannary which isn't really anything special in and of itself, but illustrates how my doors look using the transparent wall sheet on top.

    Question for you guys - Exporting is taking FOREVER (nearly 30 mins for each picture)...granted I have a ton of objects and sheets, but i've also hidden the layer that all of my roof material is on for these exports...Do they still weigh down the export even if they are hidden? Would it make more sense to make a duplicate cc3 file for each map i'm going to make (i.e. one for roofs, one for first floor, and one for 2nd floor)? I'm getting nervous cause I still have to dress up another 5 or 6 buildings...
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    This map is great anomiecoalition; all your desert maps are a great inspiration and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the Catacombs.

    The transparent arch looks really good, much nicer than I would have expected.

    I don't think that hidden sheets / layers affect the exports.

    If I were making a map like this (it would be for use in a VTT like maptool in my case), I'd make separate maps for each 'dressed up' area, preferably scaled & oriented the same way so that they'll overlay nicely.

    You could use CC3 hyperlinking capabilities to make each roofed area clickable, so that the separate dressed map of the interior is opened. I’ve never used the hyperlinking myself, so I can’t remember how you set it up, but all the source map packs make great use of it, and I think there’s an annual that describes the process.
  • Thanks Raiko - I also don't think the hidden sheets/layers should slow down export, but something is making the program crawl/crash even when sheet effects are off. Thought about doing a bunch of separate maps/cc3 files and then linking them, but with so many buildings and views, I thought doing it all in one file with hidden layers would be easier (may regret that decision later.)

    Haven't had much time to map lately. But, here's what I have so far for the library.
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    This continues to amaze me, really good stuff.
    Couple of questions:
    Where did you get the statues at the door way and the 3 book shelves in the middle of the room.
    In front of each of the alcoves there is a wall with a transparence, is this the arch that you were using before? If so, maybe adding a slight flare that the end of the wall before the opening?
    The flooring and the overall choice of the colors really goes together.

    I found that even when working with a multiple floored building that it was just so much harder to keep all the sheets and layers organized that have started to break them out to their own files.
  • You are getting very good on it... Congratulations sir!
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    Wonderfull maps (again).

    Like Mateus090985 sdays. You are getting very good at these kind of maps.
  • Thanks guys! @KenG - The statutes and book shelves were found on the Dunjinni Forums (though I think I color-modified those statues in photoshop). Good call on the flare for the arches...i'll have to think about exactly what to do, but agree that something should be done there (maybe a rounded pillar). And yes, the sheets are starting to get out of control.
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