Mahgdas - First Map Attempt

So I bought CC3, City, and the 2012 Annuals, back in the fall when a map of my current DnD campaign was becoming a good idea, as the world grew more and more fleshed out with every session. I never really had the time to learn it. This morning I came back to it and did my best to learn it and came up with this map of our current campaign. I'd like to go back eventually and re do it as there are still a few things i wish i knew how to do/improve and I don't really know much about actual map making so any tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)


  • Not bad at all for a first map attempt. Better than average in my opinion. Well done. However I do notice that your lake/river sheet is ontop of your symbol sheet. The lake east of the desert overlaps the trees there.
  • I really like this map style -- good choice! I also quite like your coastlines.
    I wonder about your rivers, though. The river in the west runs from one mountain to the other -- shouldn't it flow into the sea at some point? In the east you have a river running from one mountain to another mountain as well. Rivers don't do that!
  • Thanks for the compliment. And yeah that's one of the things I need to improve on. the sheets/layers and which to have on top of which was overwhelming at first. and Im still having a lot of trouble with effects like glow and blur when it comes tot he ocean and rivers, to make them blend properly, or to make theocean seem shallow near the land for a couple miles.
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