WIP The City Admin office

Attached is the draft of the City Admin office, Main and Upper floors, The dungeon is yet to be completed. This building hold the clerks office, the sherrif, tax collector, the town guards and jail. The town administrator also has an apartment available for their use. I'm looking for feed back as I learn the program. Please let me know what I should add, remove or change.
Here is the Main floor. Thanks Edits updated map


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    Here is the Upper Floor Edited Updated Map
  • I see you have directional shadows on the beds and furniture, you should turn them on for your Walls sheet also. A little bit of directional shadow on your walls make them seem a lot more solid. The directional shadows on your furniture also go past your walls (I forget how to fix this...anyone??). I think it is a solid beginning! I would try to experiment with not making things so square. Rotate some of the furniture a little, particularly the individual chairs. You have put an immense amount of detail into this map and it shows! Lately I have been doing indoor maps almost exclusively. The Lighted Dungeon Annual could be used to give it some darker tones too. Nice job!
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    I didn't realize that the shadows on the exterior walls were off, I'll adjust that. I see what you mean about the uniformity of the entire layout, I'll take that into consideration going forward.

    One thing new I did with this map was to add a layer on the floors to give the appearance of worn walkways.
    I'm not sure I completely like the effect yet.
    Thanks for the feedback mosswood17
  • I think your attempt to give the impression of worn walkways was mostly successful...but the darkness could also be interpreted as shadows from your objects. Whenever I want to give a similar impression I use one of the overlays provided here:


    If you search they're forum, you can also find overlays for footprints and animal tracks.

    I would also echo Mosswood's comments regarding the squarishness of the layout of objects...but all in all...a really nice map.
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    anomiecoalition thanks for the overlays, what effects and settings do you use with them?
    I agree that the layout is a little plain, I haven't detailed out what each room will be used for, just a rough ideas.

    I'm working on a campaign for the warhammer world, that will include both old and new world settings; Castle, Norse village, Lizardman city, jungle encounter maps, lost and ruined cities, islands, shipwrecks, underground complexes and naval battles. So I have a lot of work to go but I finally feel like I'm getting a working level ability with the program.
    The inn that I previously posted is the starting location for the group, and now I'm working on detailing out the rest of the major buildings in the starting town.
    This is supposed to be a rather boring building in a mid-sized fantasy town. Players may get arrested or fined for their actions or if they upset the balance of power and I need a place to hold them. The upstairs is the barracks and the sheriff is a bit of a stickler for the professional guards to follow procedures, knowing that the levy troops that are supplied by the local nobles are guided more by their patron’s goals than in dispensing fair law and order.
    Thanks for the feedback I learn a lot through every comment good or bad. I wish more people were posting maps these days.
  • Those .png files can be used as a bitmap (like any other floor or wall texture you end up using.) Go to fill style -> Bitmap files -> New -> select these files from wherever you saved them ->Select the "Alpha Transparency" option -> scale to whatever size is appropriate.
  • Well done. Like the layout and the worn walkways.

    Whats has me wordering. Two toilets on the upper floor and empty space on the floors beneath them.
    Where does al the nasty stuff go??
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Good question. They are chamber pots, so probably just chucked out the winfow. Lol
  • lol...I think that's actually one of the built in defensive measures utilized by many medieval castles
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    For gameplay or publishing I find your building is very cool and I might just steel it ;)

    To hide drop shadows going past the wall you can either reduce the shawow length or use a mask layer between symbols and wall sheet.

    I'm not that able in architecture but maybe the ground floor rightmost inner wall should be stone too to carry the weight of the upper level.

    Very nice work!
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Thanks for the tips and feedback.
    I've edited up the shadows, reduced the impact of the wear on the floor and modified the main floors structure to add a load bearing wall.
    Overall I'm pretty hapy with the way it looks now, it is a little plain in some areas, but that will allow me to customize it easily in the future
    Joachim you and anyone else are certainly welcome to steal this for any personal use. Enjoy
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