Tomb of Shaddad (Al-Qadim Encounter)

Hey all...This is a reproduction of a map for the Al-Qadim adventure/encounter “The Genie’s Terror” from the City of Bones sourcebook. The basic story is that the PCs are walking along a wadi (dry desert river basin) when a storm comes (sudden storms in the desert often lead to flash floods which temporarily fill the wadis). The storm has washed away some mud in a nearby cliff face to expose a set of steps descending into the earth. They will soon discover that this is the tomb of a powerful Shi’ar and a dozen shadows.

Its a pretty basic map, but should hopefully make for a fun encounter to break up the monotony of trudging through the desert. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but not entirely sold on the mud texture I used for the wadi (far left) and inside the tomb...I guess I was hoping for it to look a little more "wet"... as always, criticisms and suggestions are welcomed.

full resolution version can be seen here... (


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