Nob Biranit - Desert Fort (and Recommendation on Castle EBook)

I bought an ebook ("Compact Castles") based on a recommendation I received on the cartographer's guild web site ( The book is over 80 pages of detailed floor plans and descriptions for 15 different real world small castles around the world. It value easily exceeds the $8 I spent on it and I would highly recommend it to everyone interested in creating maps of smaller castles and forts.

I was so excited with the purchase that I recreated one of the Desert Forts profiled in it (Nob Biranit was a fort in ancient Israel). I created it in CC3 and utilized a bunch of objects found in the CSUAC and Dunjinni Forums...I then put all 3 floors together and added some text in Photoshop.

In retrospect, I probably should've expanded the size of the rooms a bit for gameplay (but real world forts were apparently really quite small). I also should've added a water source and stables (for camels) either inside or outside...but I think it will still make for a cool encounter for my PCs.

For a higher resolution version...check it out on my blog:

*duh...forgot to attach the image..


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