WIP The Bloated Goat Inn

So this is a work in progress for learning CD3 and buildings. I've learned a lot walking through this, but there is still a long way to go. One question I have is how do I change the direction of the shadows? Right now the building shadows go to the top of the screen and I would like to have the light come from the top and go down. Also does anybody have a link to a nice wooden stairway? I need one for the outside in the back of the Inn. So any thoughts, comments, and suggestions? I'll be updating as I complete more.
Thanks KenG

Edit: So I have updated the main floor, I added an interior wall sheet to remove the extra shadows, fixed a few other little problems and moved the outhouse to fit better with the overall design.


  • This is real nice (especially love the corpse in the pig pen). I'm guessing that you have your wall shadows set up to use the Global Sun Direction. If so, you just need to mess around those settings (Type "SUNINFO" into the command prompt at the bottom of the screen and that should bring up a dialogue where you can mess with its direction, height, etc.)

    The only other thing I would suggest is adding a little edge fade inner to those dirt paths in the backyard (so they blend in more with the grass).

    oh yeah...and you can find tons of stairs and stair overlays on the dunjinni forums (and I think there are some good ones in the CSUAC also).
  • Nice little inn.

    I 2nd the dunjinni forum, a lot of symbols found their way over there, and CSUAC as well. For some reason I never find that many fresh symbols over here though. Hmmm, of course I have never posted any of mine here either. I will have to remedy that.
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    Thanks for the comments and the tips. I tried the "Suninfo" but I didn't see the global direction there, however I was able to go into the affects for each of the sheets andd change it on them. I blended the dirt paths like your suggestion.
    I found the stairs also at dunjinni forums so thanks to both of you for that also. I still have more to do with the main floor, and then the basement and the upper floors. I'll post more for review as I'm able to get them completed.

    Thanks again, Ken
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    Posted By: KenGI tried the "Suninfo" but I didn't see the global direction there
    It is controlled by the top three settings in that box, Azimuth, Inclination and Intensity. Azimuth is the actual position (0 = right of map, 90 = top, 180 = left, 270 = bottom), while inclination is it's height in the sky. Note that most effects only uses the Azimuth.
  • Really nice inn.
    Would love to see updates.

    And a tip, when drawing walls, dont start in the corner. That way you get "gaps" like the upper left of you map.
    (Learned this myself the hard way).
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Thanks Henrie61 I didnt even notice that and would never have figured it out. We should have a greatest tips and tricks sticky thread to collect these.
    Thanks again
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    So here is the 2nd floor of the work in progress inn. Please take a look and let me know what I can do to raise it to the next level.

    Edit. I've updated the map adding a window in the bathtub room and changing the direction of the sun, however the inside shadows from the walls is something that may take me a while to figure out
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    This looks great. I especially like the different room qualities.

    The only thing I'd change is add some sort of light in the room with the tub. Maybe a candle holder, or a table to hold your own light or something. If you were actually in there and shut the door it would be pitch black.

    Edit: Also, all the inner walls are creating shadows based on the sun, which may not make sense. I am not really sure of a good way to handle that easily, though.
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    Ok here is the basement with the access to the sewers. The story is that this is the inn where the party will be hired for the adventure. The inn has a secret meeting room and connection to the sewer for moving both contraband and people. The basement of the inn is for storage of goods and supplies for the Inn, sleeping quarters for the servants, boarding for the dogs during the day and access to the meeting room/ hidden storage room. The storage room is connected to the sewer by a set of stairways; the opening in the sewer wall is covered by an illusionary wall. I have not been able to spend the time of figuring out how to do the lighting properly so for now it is just for effect. Also since I created all three levels in the same file, the effects are not as independent as I'd wish, and so I'm moving each level to its own file.
    Thanks for the feedback it has been helpful.

    Edit I've been having a blast working through this map, Now with people.
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    So I edited the lower level to add some people and change some effects. Thanks the Devin and CSUAC.
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  • Any chance to get one's hands on the cc3 files of that inn?
    I love those dogs :)
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Sorry I don't have that file anymore, but the dogs are from csuac.
  • Beau travail KenG

    Simple et efficace
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  • KenG,
    This looks fantastic! I bought Campaign Cartographer 3 and now have Dungeon Designer 3. What do I need to create a fantastic Inn like this?
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