West Adramas - First Overland Map

This is my first real overland map. I drew it in the free Sarah Wroot style (which I am quite pleased with) for the players as a handout in our exploration themed campaign. It's a small section of a world I generated in Fractal Terrain, and then turned into a hex map to track exploration. That made it very easy to sketch out and fill in where things like the mountains and forests would go.

I printed it out on some parchment paper I picked up from Staples, and I think it turned out extremely well.


  • Yeah that's a very nice map. Nice colors, nice shapes, nice placement of things. :)
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  • I've just spotted this, and think it's brilliant - well done. Love the names, too.
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler
    I like the water colour feel to this map.
  • This is what it looks like printed off on some parchment paper I got from Staples. I think looks like a real fantasy map.
  • I must honestly admit the map didn't do it for me.
    Not because its a bad map but the Sarah Wroot style just isn't my style.

    But in this printed form it looks fantastic.
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    The printed style looks very nice, like it was hand drawn and water color painted in. Like you would find in a musty old book somewhere.

    I have wondered is it better to draw the map on a parchment background or print it out on Parchment. I think I like this way better.
  • Henrie61: I agree, I didn't like the look of the Sarah Wroot style at first, but since I didn't have any annuals yet and it was free, I thought I'd give it a go. Turning on the effects and playing around with them a bit made me much warmer to the style, but printing it out DEFINITELY made it for me. I think it's a really good style for fantasy handouts. Some of the other styles look AMAZING, but I think if you printed them out it might not really feel like something someone could have actually made by hand and given to you. This one does for me.

    KenG: I am a huge fan of printing maps out on nice (or not, check this out: http://forum.profantasy.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=3542) paper. Especially overland ones. It gives my players something cool to hold and pass around the table, and to reference at their leisure. This one turned out super well, even though the printer was crapping out a bit at the time and it left some white bits. Not intentional at all, but I think it really adds to the effect.
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  • Very very cool! Like you, I love printing out my maps and yours looks terrific. I actually like the Sarah Wroot style primarily for its "painted look" when it comes to the water... and after seeing it printed on the parchment I like it even more. Can you tell us what kind of parchment paper you used (ie, base color, weight, etc etc). I'm sort of a paper nerd since I do a lot of bookbinding projects and I'm always looking for new paper to use.
  • This was just the parchment paper I found at Staples :)

    Southworth specialty cover stock, ivory, 176g/m^2 (65lb.), letter sized

    Do you have any recommendations on interesting paper?
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