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This is the map of the capital city Kartotum in Palinor. It is a commission I’ve worked on for the last couple of months in my spare time for the site Erebaltor.se.

When I grew up I used to play a lot of RPG’s with my friends. Mainly we played a Swedish game called Drakar & Demoner (Dragons & Demons). Their campaign world was Ereb Altor. So when I discovered that there still are people working on the world and when they asked me to make a city map I couldn’t really turn them down, could I.

Anyway here is the finished result. Numbers on important houses will be added, but that might take a while (I have no idea of the names of the stuff here). The map is made using three different programs. The actual city (houses and stuff) is made in CD3, the cliffs that surround the city (it is situated on the hillside of a mountain) is made in Artrage and the border and labeling plus some shadows are made in Photoshop.

I hope you like it.


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