Poor Merkam, what a turn-up for the books!


  • Very nice indeed! But you really want it that dark?
  • Nice Layout.
    But I also would like to see a lighter version.
  • pdjpdj Traveler
    Hmmm, I didn't realise the attempted night-time effect was that bad. Ho hum.

    Anyway, here's the "sunshine" version :)
  • Out of interest how did you do the night/day version ?
  • really like the day version...but the night version could be really cool - If you have the lighting annual issue, you could try adding some torches or fire pits around the village and have them radiate light.
  • pdjpdj Traveler
    Dargurd - the night version uses a single wide-beam grey light source positioned over the rock in the foreground. There's also a transparent "sky" overlay to wash the colours out a bit. I tried all manner of combinations of overlays, lights, RGB matrix effects etc to try and get a proper silver & black moonlight effect, but was unable to do it. Frustrating!

    anomiecoalition - Merkham is supposed to be in England. In July/August the days here are 16 hours long, with maybe an hour's twilight added on either end. Believe me, if it's dark the peasants are all fast asleep :)

    As it happens, I did try to put in just one little glow to suggest that someone was awake and up to no good, but unfortunately this was another failure. I was unable to find a way to conceal the light source so that it looked as if the glow was from an open hut door, it always ended up looking like a light on the roof :(
    If anyone knows how to do concealed lights, I'd really love to hear.

  • I like the map but was just wondering. Are those "Crop Circles" or something else? If they're crop circles is there a backstory?
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