Free Fill Style Images / Tileable Images For You!

Hi guys...

Been kinda busy taking care of my mom, and doing other life junk to be active on the threads lately. A lot of projects on the backburner now - and I'm playing catch up with some that I have neglected.

I was digging through some old project materials disks looking for textures that I have created in the distant past to convert into Bryce materials to upload to my Share CG page - and I came across some seamless "techno tiles" texture panels that I made for 3d sci fi modelling and scene creation - and I thought that these would make some awsome fill patterns for CC3 for those who might want to do maps of sci fi urbanized worlds. A couple of them could also even be used as a fill pattern for quick and easy map work - to designated modern contemporary cities and towns and urban sprawl as well. I haven't contributed any freebies lately - and I've been itching to - so hopefully this will have a good shelf life for you guys for a while. I was thinking that you could even map out an entire " "TRON like" world within a computer " using just these fill patterns on this forum thread.

These are free and royalty free for maps commercial and non-commercial alike, no credit necessary, just PLEASE DO NOT redistribute the tiles themselves without asking me first, and do not redistribute them - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - as 3D Modelling materials, shaders, or presets of any kind for use in standard general 3D editors or modelling suites (Bryce, 3DS Max, LIGHTWAVE, Wave Front, Hexagon, POSER, DAZ STUDIO, VUE, BLENDER, CARRERRA, WINGS, POVRAY, etc.) - as I plan to make Bryce materials with them for seperate distribution, and also - I may incorporate them into some 3D models that I am toying with doing. Enjoy using them. To get them - just right click on the image and choose "Save Picture As" - and then choose your format - i.e. "PNG", BMP (Windows Bitmap), "JPEG", whatever.


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