Village of Pramayama (My first village map)

I've always been exceedingly jealous of the beautiful city and village maps posted on this forum (not to mention the overlands) because I'm exceedingly bad at it. I always struggle with getting the effects to look right and the general scale of these larger maps. This is the first village that I'm reasonably proud of. I submit it to the jury for feedback and criticism.

*A little backstory - I'm going to be updating/adapting this old D&D expert set adventure module ("Master of the Desert Nomads" and "Temple of Death") to 3.5 for my Al-Qadim game. A lot of the story and encounters are going to be changed to fit my needs, but the nuts and bolts will remain. So, I'll be doing a series of maps for the adventure. This is the first. I've loosely based it off the map provided, but changed almost everything about it. This will be the village where the PCs will begin. Its a small village that focuses on fishing, farming, and a little ranching. Its situated in the scrublands bordering the desert environment.

A full resolution version can be found here: (


  • Ha, I wish I was this " exceedingly bad at it".
    Think you did a good job here.

    The effects a great. Good use of different sizes of shadows.

    Personally I would have liked to see a few more houses.
    A good two dozen seems not enough for a town to support its own Town hall and barracks.

    Another thing I would problably change.
    All the plants have the same facing. Not to noticable here but somewhat disturbing in the full sized map.
  • Great work again!
    To make symbols randomly rotate, open the Symbol Manager, select one or more symbols, click on Options button, check Random Transformation, click another Options button, check Rotate and type 360° in the Range box.
    You can also check Scale and type something like 0.9 1.1 if you want.
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    Very, very nice!
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    Great map!
    Posted By: Henrie61Ha, I wish I was this " exceedingly bad at it".
    Think you did a good job here.
    I second that.
    Posted By: Henrie61Personally I would have liked to see a few more houses.
    A good two dozen seems not enough for a town to support its own Town hall and barracks.
    And that, too. But, on the other hand, it depends wether the local defense force is manned and maintained by the Empire (and therefore housed in the barracks) or just a local levy. And on the number of people living in each house.
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    I find the muted colours and harmonious construction of this absolutely delightful. Very well done indeed.
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    Thanks guys...maybe now I will have the confidence to attempt more village maps.

    Houses: You make a good point about the number of houses. I imagined the town hall to be more a meeting place for villagers and home for the leader and the barracks to house maybe two dozen local self-defense forces. So, I should have a few more houses. I just have to be careful not to overwhelm the map with them...maybe I'll try to shrink the existing ones down a bit and then add a few more.

    Plants: Thanks for the tip JDR...i'll definately try that on the next one. I don't think i'll have the energy to fix it on this one. Is there anyway to retroactively apply it?

    I'll probably try to do a revised version (there are also some text errors that are driving me nuts)...but that all depends on this hurricane (I live in the Dirty Jerz and it seems to barreling straight for me).
  • Good look with the hurricane!
  • Yes, good look from me too :-)

    But serious, be carefull.
  • 6 days later
  • ...and on the 7th day, power was restored and I could look at maps online again.
  • Glad to "see" youre back.
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    Here is V2...i've increased the number of houses and decreased their size (in general I increased the scale such that one square now = 50'). I also reduced the number of internal walls cause what I had before really just didn't make sense. I also fixed some typos in the text and added some more specific labeling. Thanks for all the comments.

    If you want to see a full sized version...go here (
  • Absolutely gorgeous city map. Like a poster said before, the color palette is fantastic and complements each color as well. Well done sir
  • be honest the color palette was largely an accident....

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial on color theory for the novice? (This way, I can achieve similar results in the future on purpose)
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    You might find one of my earlier posts on colors and fonts helpful. It's really for modern maps but there might be something useful there.

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