Al-Qadim ("The Lost Oasis")

Hey all;

My players have requested that I incorporate a desert flavor into the campaign and since I'm pretty new to world creation, I decided to base this on 2nd edition Al-Qadim. I plan on constructing a bunch of maps for some of the pre-made adventures for this series until I get a better grasp on designing a desert campaign of my own. I thought a good place to start was "The Last Oasis" provided by Dungeon Magazine (Issue 51). Players are hired to escort a caravan and stumble upon the "Borderland" which is a spiritual way point between the living and the dead.

This is a map of the Oasis which can be found in this "Borderland" region. I followed the basic map provided in the article pretty closely (but the original lacked detail, so I had to modify it a bit). I'm pretty sure that most of the symbols can be found in the CSUAC (buildings were constructed rather than stamped in). Font can be downloaded from

Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are welcomed.


  • Very Nice map.

    Where did you get the plants?
  • Thanks...most of the stuff i've accumulated from the Dunjinni forums (but I'm pretty sure that most of that stuff has been added to the CSUAC).
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    Here is an encounter map in which the PCs stumble upon an obelisk and a women lying next to it. Turns out she is a ghoul and 4 zombies pop out of the nearby dunes. If anyone knows a better method of creating an obelisk (or knows where I can find a good symbol) please let me know. Any other comments/criticisms/suggestions are welcomed.

    AND...MOST IMPORTANTLY...if anyone knows why I have that annoying line running horizontally through the middle and how to get rid of it, please share! I've tried throwing a solid purple box behind my background layer but that didn't fix it. Note - the sheet order from bottom to top is obelisk, hill shadow transparency, then background.
  • Another nice Map.

    Your maps convinced me I need the CSUAC as well, thanks.

    Since the shadow of the obelisk is cut off I think your problem has something to do with the order different sheets are in.
    What I usually do in that case is hide them all and then turn them on one by one to see what causes the error.
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    The problem with the shadow is, that it's a two piece export I believe. Since the Obelisk has no part on the second piece, it's effect does not appear there (a known problem with effects and multiple page exports). The workaround would be to print as a double-size pdf and split that (if necessary) into two pages with Adobe Reader.
  • Thanks for the advice guys.

    Henrie - The problem was that the cutoff of the shadow only occurred once I saved the map as a jpeg - it was find on my screen. I played around with exporting with only a few sheets at a time, but couldn't pinpoint what was causing the error.

    Ralf - I think I exported it as a single piece (I'm still too new to CC3 or graphic programs in general to even know what a multiple page export is or how to do it). Could you post a link or suggest where I might look to get more info on multipage exporting.

    In any event - since this is only an encounter map, I just took the easy way out and moved the obelisk a bit.
  • I'm also reposting a slightly modified version of the Oasis - someone on the Cartographer's guild pointed out that Mosque traditionally have several towers and once I tried it, I liked the look of it better anyways. I also moved the number labels around a bit so they are easier to read. Enjoy
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