Quick and Easy Railroad Tracks

In the discussion "New Features in CC3. What would you like to see?" a couple of people expressed an interest in being able to quickly and simply make Railroad tracks.

Well, using two tools, OFFSET and ESC, you can make line drawn railroad tracks. (For this example I used the "1000 x 800 Vector BW" template)

Step 1: Draw a curved line.
Step 2: Use the OFFSET command.
a: Use a distance of 4.0.
b: Choose one side of the curve.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 but choose the other side of the curve.
Step 4: Use the ESC command.
a: Choose the "esc line centre" symbol.
b: Choose the middle selection for "Symbol Angle"
c: Set all the % numbers under "Symbol Scale & Location" to 100.
d: Click OK.
e: Select the middle curved line.
Step 5: Delete the middle curved line.

WIth those 5 simple steps, you have Railroad tracks.

L. Lee Saunders


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