CC3 Crashing using the random street tools (CD3)

I'm working on a map of large and densely populated city. I have been using Random streets tool to make most of the buildings. However it is now crashing on me and I'm not even halfway through the map. My first guess was a memory issue. I do most of my mapping on laptop, how ever CC3 appears to only be using 30MB (give 5) of Ram (between 1.4 and 1.10GB used by Vista and another 30 by CC3 acording to windows resource monitor). But I ruled it out because I have 3GB of Ram. So I took two of the files (78 & 79) and decided to try on my desktop which runs XP, even though it has less memory (1Gig ram). I made it a little further but not much before I had the same problem again (Files 80 and 81) I tried using regular building symbols and they seem to not be crashing, but they just don't come out right (Files 81 & 82). I tried again with the last file to use random street tool, but when I right click on it to choose my saved setting (which I called Peasant) it still crashes. (Yes I am using with patch 8)

Their is a zip file with the mentioned files that can be downloaded at


  • I've been having a similar problem. It seems to happen when you use the street tool on the inside of a road that turns around a sharp corner...although it's not completely repeatable as after the crash and restart you can do exactly the same location of random street and it works fine...

    Atm I'm saving a lot and managing to keep going but CD3 does seem very unstable, this is at least 3 different crash circumstances I've found in just a few days of using it.
  • I went a few times and did roads in the same order and it dies at the same place. I did in reverse order and it dies at what was originally the first road. I switched it up and made completely new orders and it still crashes on me.
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    Wow.... that's a huge project. We really do not recommend working with CC3 files of 30+ Mb in size.

    I am afraid I have to say that the house styles you have used are really not suited to a city map of this magnitude. I'd highly recommend ...

    a) using straight edged house styles (CD3_blank in the house settings). All the jagged roof edges add a massive overhead in entity numbers and complexity to the map.
    b) use vector-only fill styles. Bitmap fill styles are very resource intensive, especially with roof-shading and aligned bitmap fills turned on. You are really pushing the limits here.

    That said, what you can try is to turn off some display options. Click Display Speed settings, set the Automatic Quality to low, and check all three boxes under shading. If the crashing is related to display issues, this might help. At least I'm able to add random streets after doing that, although redraw times are painfully slow on my system even so.

    You could turn the display option back on later, although I'd give no guarantees on how the map handles then.
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    I break my cities up into blocks of maps. Then display them using html so the square maps show up correctly next to each other.

    This enables me to go into detail in large cities, without worrying too much about Windows or CC3 size limits.

    One example on my site is: Brillar map doubt it looks the same as of Nov 7, 2016.
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