WIP map for Earthdawn

I am a little bit stuck in finishing my map.

This is for the Earthdawn rpg. Magic is live but not nice. Daiche is a small town riverside which has been created to provide Kratas, the city of thieves, an access to the river and sell stolen goods.

My players will come wander there to find some goods to buy. Obviously, nothing is simple in such a city...

I drafted something but I am stuck to the finishing touches. I miss the CC3's meaningfull symbols and lack their equivalent.

I find the map empty.

My question would be: what would tbe the next step from the point of view of a more experienced cartographer ?

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    I'm not sure this will help, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

    Compare your town with a real town of a similar size. A google search for "Walled towns" will find these for you.

    Look at the density of the housing, the alignment of the buildings, how much space each building really has around it.

    When people build walls around towns it's an expensive and labour intensive thing to do, so the space within the walls is usually crammed with buildings. No one wants to build a wall that is any longer than necessary.

    As for a recommendation on the next few steps - maybe consider aligning those buildings on the east bank with the road, rather than having them all facing the same direction with not one of them facing the road. Possibly check that your walls are the right thickness. Compared to the buildings they look super massive. You may want them to appear to be that wide, but it's worth checking.

  • As usual, thanks you for your insight.

    I will modify it so.


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