Struggling with "TEXT FORESTS" sheet and outer glow effect oddities

Hi all -- I'm working on a map in this style and running into some behavioral oddities with CC3+:

My issues seem to occur mostly with white-colored entities having an outer glow effect, and are not only visual problems within the application -- they also transfer to exports of my map :-(

Problem #1 -- white text on the "TEXT FORESTS" sheet is acting as if it's transparent ("The Duchy of Holy Apentire" text on the left)... and sometimes getting mangled and partially disappearing (the "Four Maidens" text over the mountains). I was able to fix this temporarily by moving the "TEXT FORESTS" sheet all the way down in the sheet list, but the problem keeps recurring -- and again, it even exports this way. Any ideas?

Problem #2 -- my roads literally "disappear" as I zoom out on my map. This only happens with white roads using the outer glow effect, so I'm guessing what's actually happening is that the outer glow is disappearing. When glow disappears, even if I export the map, they're gone. Reapplying sheet effects doesn't help... only zooming back in helps.

Zoomed in:

Zoomed out:

My OS is Windows 11 if this is relevant. I have the latest update installed, along with the 2013 and 2017 annuals:

  • CC3PlusSetup398.exe
  • CC3PlusUpdate28.exe
  • CA2013_SetupForCC3Plus.exe
  • CA2017_Setup.exe

These issues just feel... unstable... and it's frustrating, because otherwise I'm really happy with my results so far with this style.

Any suggestions? TIA!


  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    These kinds of label issues tend to happen when the rendering engine gets confused by overlapping black and white extents and fails to see some of the upper sheet - the labels. Please try changing the text colour to the very palest grey in the palette, and edit the glow effect to the very darkest grey.

    You may be experiencing the same kind of trouble with your roads. Try changing the road colour to the very palest grey.

    It's very unlikely that any of these issues are being caused by your system.

    If you are still having problems when you've tried my suggestions, please share your .FCW file here with us so that we can have a more detailed look at what is happening.

    Royal Scribemattfs5KertDawgGlitch
  • Brilliant! I changed the white of the text and roads in question to pale gray and it immediate fixed the problem -- thanks so much!

    LoopysueRoyal Scribe
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