Darklands Rising

I've had such a wonderful time creating maps with the Darklands sets. In the past, I've been gravitating to Schley, but I wanted something that was a bit more natural. Having the sheets already prepared in Darklands made it so very helpful. Thank you to those of you who made that possible. The following maps are in the order that they were created.

Occasionally I decided to pull a few symbols from other sets to make them stand out, but almost everything is Darklands in these.

Finally, I was asked to create a map for an aquatic elf town on an island. I wanted to give it a feel of the Bahamas meets the Forest. So I created a symbol set that combined two: Darklands and Marine Dungeon. I fell in love with Marine Dungeon and found that it could be used just as well for a city map with some modifications. Again, when it came to the buildings, I pulled some symbols from other sets.

Marine Dungeon and Darklands are absolutely amazing!

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