Importing Symbols from Other Mapping Programs


Is it possible to import symbols from Inkarnate and Wonderdraft and use them on Profantasy maps?

I don't want to be a traitor of sorts to the wonderful artists of Profantasy, but the world I'm building is so huge, I'm looking for different ways to make each of the individual territories look as distinctive as possible without ruining the overall cohesiveness of the map.

I suppose I should ask: is this even allowed? :-)

I don't want to buy their programs if I can't use them

Below are screenshots of some of the symbols they offer.

If it's not possible to use symbols from other programs, is it possible to petition Profantasy artists for specific symbols? Specifically Schely, Daniels, and Wielink. If so, how much would they charge? I would more than happy to pay.




  • So long as the artwork is available in PNG format, you can use it to make symbols for CC3+ in the program. Whether the creators of the artwork will allow you to do this is something you'd need to investigate with each individual's licensing agreement under which you'd obtained the images. Most probably will be OK for personal use, but you couldn't rely on that assumption alone, especially if you were making maps to distribute or sell, for instance.

    In terms of requesting custom symbols from specific artists, I can't comment for them of course, although I don't think Herwin Wielink makes such artwork any longer, having moved on to other projects.

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    To add a bit on to what Wyvern said, note that a lot of programs, especially those online browser-based ones, do not allow you access to download the artwork, they only make it available for use within their own application. I don't know the specifics of each of the programs you mention, but it isn't unreasonable to expect they are not downloadable in a legal way, but as Wyvern said, you need to research each of them (or maybe someone here who uses them can comment)

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    Got it.

    The terms from each of those companies is similar to Profantasy as far as the commercial aspect.

    I couldn't seem to find any information pertaining to "mixing graphics from different companies."

    This seems to be heading in a direction I'm not willing to dedicate effort to. I'm certainly not going to go down any illegal pathways! lol After working with Profantasy software for over 6 years now, I don't want to do anything to screw it up, or lose my privileges here.

    Thank you to you both. I appreciate your time and answers.

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    As far as sharing symbols between companies, here is the reply from Inkarnate--a definitive "No." Thought I'd post an update to this thread just in case anyone else with the same idea runs across it and wants an answer.

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    Well, guess it was more or less what I expected. A lot of companies likes to lock down their artwork.

    That is actually one of the advantages to buying CC3+ and add-ons, as you are free to use the art with whatever program you choice. You can't redistribute the actual art files, but no matter if you make the map in CC3+ or in Photoshop using our art, you can still use the map commercially.

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    Agreed. Just to add, from what I've seen and experienced, Profantasy has a huge advantage not only in selection, but in quality and service. HUGE!

    I'll just keep buying the annuals and adding elements as I go along. I've got a rather nice collection!

    I should've never strayed--or tried to stray. Ha ha ha!

    Time wasted. Lesson learned.

  • Agreed! I love Profantasy both for the quality of the software and - more importantly - for the quality of the care they take of their customers. Can't be beat!

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    I think one issue is that given the nature of the annuals, many times we do not have as many symbols or development. Since Schely is the default, it has tons of symbols and it keeps getting added more. But in many cases, you might want another style to have some more options and this forces you to do without and try to find a symbol in another style to use. Since you buy a year, that means the next year's annual cannot expand on a previous years annual.

  • Adding to Julian's comment, I would like to see a few other styles expanded on via the monthly offering, especially Spectrum Overland.

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