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Hi All - ive created a map that is 100 x 100 miles in size. I really like the map but now realise I would be better off if i'd mapped the wider region so maybe 400 x 400.

Is there a way of expanding the current map outwards and if so, how ?

Thanks for any help you can give.


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    In the File menu you will find "Resize Drawing Area". This command will open a small dialog in which you can enter the new desired size of your map. When you hit OK the background, screen and map border should all stretch out to the new size, leaving your original map content anchored in the bottom left corner. If you want it placed centrally you will then have to carefully box select the contents of your map and move them to the new centre.

    This command is very successful with newer styles, but since it is a new command it doesn't necessarily work that well with older styles, so it is as well to save a copy of your file before you try it.

    If you have a resize error just shout again and we can guide you through the process of adding the relevant map note and making sure the screen, background and map border are all on the correct layers.

    DargurdDon Anderson Jr.
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    brilliant thankyou, ill give it a go and see how it turns out.

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