Chasm/Crevices in SS4 dungeon?

Hi all,

Is there already a tool of some kind to make a chasm/crevice that looks compatible with an SS4 dungeon? I have most of the annuals and such, but when looking for a specific feature it can be hard to sort through all of it.

Or do most people do this manually using various sheets and effects?

The dungeon has a crack opening to a flooded level below (although I really just need to show the opening and a water bottom, nothing fancy really).


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    There are lots of ways to do this with sheet effects. This is just one of them.

    You could add a Color Key sheet effect to the sheet you have your 'floor' level on and draw a magenta polygon (Colour 6) where you want the crack, then add a narrow Bevel, Lighted effect. You would have to uncheck the global sun direction in that effect and adjust the azimuth angle to be opposite the global sun azimuth (that usually means making it 135 instead of 315 degrees), but that should give you a crevice.

    Then you would need to add a new sheet for your flooded level under that floor level so there is something to be seen through the hole you just ripped in the floor.

    The reason the bevel would have to be narrow is to make it possible to hide the outside edges of that floor either beyond the extent of the map or under a wall. The bevel will be applied all around the edges, including the outside edge.

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  • Ahh, ok, that was very helpful - I think I got it! Is this what it's roughly supposed to look like? (This is just playing around to get the sense of it)

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    That's another way of doing it I think, and there are many alternatives.

    I made an example file using DD3 to show what I described above if you would like to have it.

    The water is the background polygon, and the dirt is a polygon on the FLOORS sheet that extends beyond the edge of the map to hide the bevel where it appears on the outside edge as well as the edge of the crevice. If you hide the sheet called SCREEN you will see what I mean about hiding that outer edge.

    I added 3 effects to the FLOORS sheet and drew the magenta cut out shape on that sheet. The first two effects were as I described above, and the third was a glow to enhance the illusion of there being a shadow cast on the water below by the edges of the crevice.

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  • I would add an outline Even if you have to trace the whole thing. It gets a little lost on the upper edge. Just my opinion.

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  • Hey, just wanted to circle back around and say thanks for uploading that additional example - it helped a ton! I was jamming to get some stuff ready for a con, so response is a bit delayed, but your help got me to just what I was looking to do, visually.

    I had to rework how things were done a bit - I couldn't use the floor sheet method like you did simply because it messed with how I make rooms in this very simple clean style with white floors, it was too much white on my screen, lol. So I used a crevice sheet and then a floor mask sheet to do locally what was done more globally in that example. But I wouldn't have gotten there without it. Thanks again!

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