Style Suggestion: Floating Cites/Landmasses

I know this can be done with multiple styles already, but I am thinking of one with additional material to make it steampunk.

So, you have an overland style where you draw out floating lands. This would have the sheet effects necessary to make it look floating.

I am thinking of this being steampunk. So, first, you need airship symbols. These would be wooden boats with balloons for one style and the more anime/metal inspired ships. There would also be many different cloud types - along with black clouds of coal smoke. There would also be floating stations using balloons to add that are not connected to the land. There would be piping with and without smoke you could add to the land masses. And of course there would be city/houses symbols to add along with land style forms.

If this seems a bit too much, it could be added to say Darklands or Spectrum overland as the base style (or something similar so too much work would not need to be done.)

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