XP - Solar Legends Map Generator

I present a map generator for my own RPG: Solar Legends

The game uses a solar system map that is updated as the campaign goes on. On one day, the distance between Earth and Mars might be a quick trip, but the next month it could be a long journey. This XP add-on calculates the orbits and draws them out. You can zoom in/out, pick specific planets, and scale everything.

I have the code at:

My next effort will be to package it so that you don't need Visual Studio to run it. I'll probably ask for advice soon. Thanks everybody!

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  • That's pretty cool.

    Are the orbital speeds the same as the real solar system?

  • I copied orbit radius and period from a NASA page, so yes. The symbol scales are not to scale, because you wouldn't be able to see them if they were realistic!

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  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    My next effort will be to package it so that you don't need Visual Studio to run it.

    That's easy enough. When you build it, it creates a .dll file. Just give people a copy of this file and tell them to put it in the CC3+ installation directory (Just make sure you build it in Visual Studio using the Release profile and not the Debug one). I am pretty sure people won't need to install any C++ runtimes.

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  • Thanks. I do use some math.h and MFC, but nothing unusual. I have a custom symbol catalog (per your suggestion earlier) and a base map with the sheets and effects needed. Those might need to be packaged, too. I wonder if an installer would be too much.

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    The visual C++ runtimes required for CC3+ itself should have all the external libraries needed by all those includes. There was a time when there was a specific version for each version of VS studio, but for later versions, it have worked a bit differently, so I am almost certain that the one installed along with CC+ will cover the one you compile with VS2022.

    That base map of your should probably be made into a template and stuck in the template folder, and the symbol catalog stuck in the Symbols folder (leading to a small change in your code to use the @-path instead of the $-path and changing the symbols path in the catalog itself to to the same - Allowing you to move the map around on your computer without always keeping the symbol catalog and the art folder in the same directory.)

  • Thanks Monsen. That advice helped a lot. Sooo....

    Here's an installer for version 1.0! It works for me, but that's doesn't mean much in software development. If anyone would care to try it, I would appreciate it. Any feedback is welcome.

    (I hate pushing binary installers around, for fear of malware. You get the source code and even the installer script, so I hope that makes this better.)

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    edited May 9

    Seems to wok just fine, but I only tested it once on a standard setup.....

    As for binary installers, the only way to avoid it is to have people compile yourself like your instructions earlier. Because you can but whatever bad behavior into that .dll file, not just the installer. But having people compile stuff themselves excludes most people.

  • I did use the installer. It installed properly where it was supposed to.

    Don't have comographer so could not test the file.

  • Thank you. This is my first addon for CC3, so feedback helps. Now, what to do next...

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