Very Minor Interface Tweaks

Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler

What minor tweaks to the interface (primarily dialogue boxes) would you like to see? I'm not asking for major rewrites or new controls, just changing the size, position and lables of existing controls.


  • First: When choosing Shaded Polygon by Edge in the Polygon drop down menu, it is a bit annoying to then have to type in editshading (if you even remember the command) in the command line - could editshading also be part of the dropdown menu?

    Second: When choosing fractal polygon or polygon line, can a drop down menu option (ie right click) be added to edit the fractalise inputs.

    Third: Could drop down menu (right click) on the erase button be added to just erase the top entity of the selection. Sometimes there are unintended duplicates. While I can deal with these by first clicking the top visual edit button, then Del then P, it would be so much quicker if I could just delete the top entity of the selection where I have had accidentally created multiple copies.

    Finally, can the List command produce an output with about double the font size, and also perhaps a bigger window as well.

    These are the most common procedures I use that would help a lot if put as drop down menus.

    Royal ScribeJimP
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