Assistance with Map Overview Export

I have done some research and feel like I am not "quite" there understanding optimum export setting for large city maps.

I dont expect to zoom from city area to single building and have it be crystal clear, but need some help.

My city is 10000x8000. (I vaguely understand that is CC3 terms and not pixels, got it).

However, I would like an exported file to zoom in three or so steps (i.e. 5000x4000, then maybe 2500x2000 and have a reasonably non pixelated/pretty view.

I took the nuclear approach of exporting a png at 10000x8000 and 300 pixels per inch as a test. It looks decent and meets my needs but the file is like 350MB and likely to large for the site I host my campaign on. (and took about 45 minutes to export)

I tried smaller for fun and learning and got really bad results, (file size was 3MB though,. hehe) still at 300 pixels per inch.

Here are screenshots of the images (not the CC3 files), first is the huge one, second is the smaller one.

Any hints on getting better results than the smaller one in a file not as big? (My fcw file is attached for reference in case I have something messed up.)


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