Is CA46 Castle Walls still state-of-the-art?

I would like to pick up a few more annuals over the next few weeks, and one of the ones that I've been eyeing is Annual Volume 4 (2010) because of October 2010 addition of CA46 Castle Walls.

I watched Joachim de Ravenbel's fantastic series of Castle Walls tutorials on YouTube, and one of the big draws for me is how to create elaborate niches and doorways as described in the third video. When I made my Greco-Roman temple, I had to draw in temporary lines to help me manually draw the indentations in the correct spots, and that was without the elaborate finishes that CA46 can automate. I don't think I could manually recreate the elaborate doorways and niches that CA46 can do.

My question, though: I know that CA46 was released for CC3, before CC3+ was developed. My questions:

  1. Does it still work with CC3+? Are there changes for using CC3+ instead of CC3 (this thread implies things have changed). And if so, has the accompanying documentation that comes with CA46 been updated to reflect the CC3+ changes (or, alternatively, is there updated documentation available somewhere else)?
  2. Or is it kind of obsolete now? Like, does CC3+ provide alternative ways of doing things that make CA46 superfluous? (Including, in particular, the doorways, niches, windows, and arrow slits.)

Thank you!


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    Yes, all the annuals work with CC3+ because they were updated to do so. (If you should find an exception to this rule please contact Tech Support).

    Unless there is a style of a similar name with the additional word 'revisited' included, then the one you have is likely to be the most up to date version of that style (or toolset). To the best of my knowledge there isn't a 'revisited' version of that issue.

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