Problems Moving an Object

I'm not sure if this issue is being caused by a Windows update, as i don't believe i've made any changes to the program, or my computer otherwise....lately when I am trying to move an object, I can no longer see the object i've chosen, and i can no longer "hover" it as i move it to the new location. My cursor is anchored and i only see a line leading from that anchored spot across my document, yet it never shows me where the object will land until i place it. What's happened? I've attached an .fcw to see if anyone can repeat the issue on their computer with my settings.


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    If these objects are vector symbols, have you tried hitting the TAB key?

    (All I can see is a background with a massive red X on it)

  • As Sue said, all that's in the file is a screen, a grid, an SS2A background bitmap fill and a PNG image, which latter comes up as a huge red X, as it's not in a location either of us can access. Having said that though, I can quite easily pick up and move all these objects as normal. That may suggest it's something in your system that's causing this, not the FCW file, at least. Not sure that helps much though.

  • Oh, don't worry about the X....that's just a pic i've got in the background to trace. What's concerning is if I place a symbol in this, or any map, and then try to move it to another location.....the symbol disappears while i am moving it, there is a line from the spot where the symbol was, leading to my cursor. It's all just so strange. I'm going to run a repair on the program and see if that changes anything back to the way it was.

  • It might be something as basic as having changed how your cursor operates in the program - accidentally hitting the wrong Ctrl + shortcut letter key (done that before myself).

    I know sometimes if you try to move several objects together in one command too, you can lose sight of the objects like this, and only see that cursor line, which is what made me think it could be something of that sort. Seems this is happening with just one symbol though, so I think I'm out of suggestions now.

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    It should be cured if you hit the TAB key whilst moving the object.

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