WIP - The Reach of Kingsland

NB - this map is in Selmári, the language of the people of Keledon.

Operating under a feudal system, the monarch retains direct control of the wide lands surrounding the capital; the major and minor noble Houses present there swear their fealty to the Crown directly, rather than through the intermediary of the Great Houses that rule the other Reaches in the name of the Crown.

Called in Selmári Dúírunmór (lit. "land [belonging to] the King), this Reach has been held by the Crown since the kingdom's founding. While the monarch, currently Queen Heulyn, second of her name, rules from the throne under the golden hawk on a field of red that represents the entire realm, she also retains non-royal noble titles in her capacity as head of her family, House Halad. Therefore the sigil of that house, the white unicorn on a field of green, is retained on the map to represent those lands ruled by her family before they came to the throne.

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