Getting Symbols and Random Streets to Match

I hand placed a lot of SS5 symbols along the top of this area of my city.

Perfect, now I want to create some random streets in the same style, but as you can see, they come out a lot darker grey, are placed on different sheets, and have different effects.

No matter how much I mess with the settings on the random tool, I can't get it to produce a street that looks similar in color and shade to the symbols that are in the same set (SS5).


I turn off the sheet effects and they are still different in color and tiles, so its not the sheets. It appears the random street tool wont use the colors/symbols/fills from the SS5 symbols.


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    Any chance of uploading the FCW file?

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    I'm not sure if its my PC or the file, but I can't either open that directly or save it to open it from my desktop.

    Can anyone else open/save and open this one?

    EDIT: I grabbed it with IDM instead of Edge's default downloader. That worked.

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    Varicolour symbols aren't perfect and usually used only for a bit of variety, so they might well be not as heavily shaded in some situations as the regular non-varicolour symbols. The situation with building entities is similar. They are used mainly as infill in large cities and don't always perfectly match the regular symbols.

    There's also a mismatch in the scaling of the symbols and the roof fills used on the buildings, in that the buildings are twice the default size, having been pasted at a symbol scale of 2 rather than 1. That's not a problem in itself, but it does mean that all the tiles on the buildings you draw will look only about half the size of the tiles on the symbol roofs. The solution to that part of the problem is to double the scale on all the roof textures in the Fill Styles dialog.

    In this shot I have rescaled the appropriate roof texture and drawn a new building in the "SS5C Rounded Shingles Grey..." style. I've also used different sheet effects to the ones you had set up - switching the existing set to inactive and copying across the shadow effect from the SYMBOLS sheet.

    The beauty of sheet effects on the BUILDINGS sheet is that you can add colour altering sheet effects and the buildings will respond. I've added an Adjust Hue/Saturation sheet effect to make the buildings paler.

    Here is the setup I used if you want it. Only that one roof texture has been rescaled from 40' to 80'. The rest have yet to be done.

    EDIT: sorry, for some reason I accidentally deleted the very first paragraph before I posted it the first time. It's back now.

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    Thanks, I will review and absorb this info/teaching.

    I had noticed the scale changes and did wonder about what direction to investigate, this will be very helpful.

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