One Page Dungeon with CC3?

Does anyone know if any CC3 maps have been used for the One Page Dungeon Contest or a similar work? I'm thinking about entering. There's not much room on one page so any maps must be small and clear. There are points for style, so they shouldn't be bland.

Does anyone have thoughts, ideas, or experience with this?

By the way:



  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    Looking at lots of other OPD contest entries here (beware the results that aren't valid OPD entries), It looks like at least half the page is text, so the map would have to be really tiny. It might also be easier to do the map part in CC3, but then export it as an image to paste into a suitable word processor (or desktop publishing app if you have one), to add the blocks of text.

    It is very much up to you what style you chose to use, though I would recommend you chose one that is pleasing to you to look at, and which has all the textures and symbols you will need.

  • I did as Sue suggests for my OPD entry (Ps for map, before I 'upgraded Macs) in 2017. I recreated the map in CC3+ see my gallery, personal album.

    Trying to do the whole thing in CC3+ would be a challenge but the map itself should be fine. I would caution against anything too detailed as a lot of that may be lost re-sizing the map, depending on the amount of text of course; vector and simple bitmap styles, particularly the B&W ones, would be my recommendation.

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