Avalonian Maps

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I've been doing some more maps for my D&D game, and experimenting with some of the new map styles I recently obtained.

This map is an area map for the adventure "Princes of the Apocalypse". Most general sites in that adventure are on this map somewhere. This is still a WiP as I still have to place most of the adventure sites.

This map is a more detailed area map of Roehill where the adventure begins. This second map is a copy of a map I made with Mike Schley's style.

This is a political map of the Kingdom of Avalonia where the adventure takes place. It shows the Baronies and the Duchies, the Knighthoods, major towns, cities, castles, and places of magical interest.

This is a closer look at some of the heraldry. I wanted a more complex style than my previous heraldic attempts and a nod to Monty Python's holy grail where half of their shield had a chequer board pattern and the other half had a device or complex 'symbol'.

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