WIP: Novarenga MKII

Hi Folks,

Having a little play with the new Parchmnet Overland style, re-doing my Novarenga map (originally island scale - Herman Weilink style) to make it continent scale.

Looking pretty good so far. Unfortunately, I can't find my original CC3 file which would've made the process a damn sight easier - but not a bad start for about 20-30 minutes work...

LoopysueRoyal ScribeMonsenCalibreRicko Hasche


  • I am really liking this Parchment style for large-scale maps. I don't think it would suit my campaign world overall, but I can see my adventurers finding an ancient map in this style in some crumbling ruins, or being given one in this style when they consult with a sage or wizard for advice.

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