Monkey Frog is giving problems

Happy New Year to everyone even though it is s late wish!

I'm attempting to map with MF's template but I'm having immense problems. Yesterday I started to create a map and drew a couple of bodies of water and put some mountains in.

However I didn't really like the size so I tried to delete them. I couldn't, so I did the List command, to see which sheet they were on since in desperation I was going to delete the sheet and create another with the same name, but once more I couldn't select any of them.

This is when I hit my second problem. Having picked a mountain, when I attempted to place it, all it did was grow bigger or smaller as though I was holding the Control key down while I moved the pointer.

I attach a screen shot and the .fcw file in the hopes that somebody will be able to replicate my problem and tell me what is going wrong. Thanks.


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