How Do I Create a Hatch Style Fill?

I've gone through the manual and the Tome, and I can't seem to find instructions.

I used an existing hatch style .FCW, "Saved As..." a new .FCW, and replaced the existing contents with the vector drawing I want to tile as a fill, but I cannot figure out how to make that happen in a drawing tool.

Even if I could just get pointed to the right place in the documentation, I'd really appreciate it.



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    Are you using a style that has existig hatch fills?

    If so, please can you show a screen shot of how that drawing tool is set up?

  • I'm using CA48 (Black and White Dungeons) as a jumping off point to make my own simple B&W style.

    I'm hoping to create something like the below tool with a "hand drawn" tile pattern that marks out 5' squares without the need for a grid overlay.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set it up with the FCW I have created (stored in the @Hatch Styles folder). I'm attaching it in case you need it.

  • You should be able to create a new drawing tool using your hatch style by taking one of the existing ones that uses a hatch style (for ease), and saving it as "New", using whatever name you prefer.

    You'll need to set up the hatch style though NOT in the "Properties" section, but in the "Outline" one, as an "Extra entity", clicking the "Properties" button. Under the "Hatch style" list in the "Custom tool properties" pane this "Properties" button opens, you'll need to scroll through the list to find your hatch style, and then click it. Then OK everything, save the new tool, and test it out.

    Hopefully, that'll do it! If not, I'm sure one of our resident experts will leap to your aid - good luck!

  • Thanks @Wyvern - that definitely gets me closer. However, I don't see the file I made as an option. I'm feeling like I'm missing a step - like the drawing in the FCW. Do I need to turn the floor pattern into a symbol first, and import it before I can use it maybe?

  • If I copy the file into the CC3Plus/Hatch Styles folder, I can see the file name. However, when I try to create a new tool with it, the program crashes.

    It's possible the file may be too complex to be used as a hatch style, as the ones I've been using recently (from CA20) have all been very basic, just a few simple polygons at most. But I really have no other ideas right now; sorry!

  • Yep - I was looking in the wrong place. I found it, and also had the program crash.

    I guess I need to re-think the complexity of the fill. Thanks for the help finding what I needed!

  • You might also try a search on the Forum here for "Hatch style", as there have been a few folks who've previously created their own, and some of the information brought up that way might be useful.

    However, I didn't find any obvious file complexity limitations mentioned, so it might be something less obvious, maybe something as odd as the length or nature of the filename, or some extra "invisible" entities in your drawing. Given the Hatch Styles are all just ordinary, if small, FCW drawings though, I'm unsure what else might be happening in this case.

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