Lair of the Barrow King - WiP

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I decided to play around with the Creepy Crypts annual, and my brain slammed three appropriately D&D-ish words together and away we go. I've gotten the basic layout of the first level complete; I still need to add symbols and doors, along with making some adjustments to the sheet effects, but here is the work in progress:

I'm going to need lots of skeletons to put in the burial niches - any suggestions on where to find suitable symbols? I have all the annuals to date, but poking through them can be time consuming. Thanks!

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    Try searching the Symbols folder for things like "Skeleton", "Bone", and "Corpse".

    When you find some these will be the PNG files. What you need is the corresponding catalogue file for that folder of PNGs, which is usually in the same main folder the PNG folder is in.

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