Random Dungeon missing statue

Hi everyone!

I was following last @Ralf 's video about the super cool random dungeon generator (thanks @Ralf ! Each video is always a mine filled with useful stuff!) and I got stuck on the statue!

I tried several times to get the statue. it worked with the doors. It worked with the walls and the floor. But the statue doesn't want to appear!

Attached are a couple of screenshots to show the "Random, Statue" in the symbols list is present, and that the .xml file was modified...

I am sure it is something very obvious that is hiding under my nose but I can't find it!


@RemyMonsenTestUser , should I move this to the discussion dedicated to this new tool??


  • jslaytonjslayton Moderator, ProFantasy Mapmaker
    edited November 17

    The most likely explanation is that Ralf was running a non-public version of the generator that supports statues for his demo, and the current version doesn't support statues

    It looks like your definition is correct, so it's most likely a version skew that will probably be fixed in short order.

    LoopysueAleDRicko Hasche
  • Thanks @jslayton 😅

    I feel somehow relieved!

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