Pirate Attack! A quick Battlemap

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Made a quick battlemap for our ongoing Splittermond witch queen campaign.

The Pirate ship on top is using a water magic ritual to slow down the elven ship in the middle.

Our own ship is coming to the rescue at the bottom of the map. Looking forward to some ship-hopping and "anti ritual sniping".

Main style is CA172 Ship Deck Plans, with some elements from SS4 and Marine Dungeons.

A larger version is in my gallery.

And could we, eventually, please have a ship's wheel as SS4 downloadable content? I had to resort to using the shield symbol here... 🤗

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  • this world have cannons?

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    Cannons exist in Splittermond, but they are rare and these ships don't have any.

    I have a half-finished multiple deck turtle style-ship lying around - still struggling with the "shell". That will have cannons. :)

    Ricko Hasche
  • Considering the size of the boats, I would placing at least 4 exclusive archers to protect the helmsman, just like on ancient Greek boats.

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    That would make sense in a navy, but this is poor costal pirates vs. poor costal traders so it'll most likely look like this:

    (Using Tokens from Forgotten Adventures):

    The pirate captain is on the forecastle and the pirates are about to board. The ship's mage on the aft has 4 apprentices protecting him, but is busy with the maintaining the ritual that keeps the elven ship trapped.

    PCs are not yet on this map, as they will have the opportunity to position themselves where they want (on the bottom ship) before the fight starts.

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    note that 20 meter "schooner" boat size isnt a size to "poor" sailors. At this size, most vessels typically have two masts for sails.

    loved the minis positioned for approach/attack <3

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