WIP: An encounter site

It's been a while since I posted, life has been busy. Here's an encounter map that the adventurers are currently struggling along a muddy trail, trying to reach the summit of a rock outcropping while orcs rain missiles down upon their heads. Still not satisfied I'm portraying the height difference well enough.

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    Looks great as it is, Ede :)

    Hieght is always a tricky one unless you employ a careful use of shadow effects, or even draw your own shadows on a separate sheet.

    A shadow sheet above the cliffs and below the trees might be best for that second option - polygons of solid black drawn to cover the shaded sides of the canyon with a blend mode effect on that sheet set to multiply and about 20% opacity and then a blur effect to soften the edges quite significantly. That's a little more tricky than just using a few shadow sheet effects on the boulders, but probably more realistic as some of the shadow will fall on the boulders rather than coming from underneath them, and I think some of the shade will be cast by steep banks rather than the boulders.

  • Thank you LoopySue. I did not consider using shadow effects on individual sheets but could do it. I do have separate sheets for upper and lower symbols and terrain, and the cliffs use three sheets (lower, middle upper rocks). I will also experiment with the polygons, another good thought.


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