[WIP] Isometric city

This is the very first time I have done anything perspectives or isometric. But I was inspired by Ralf's recent video, and the current Annual issue, so I decided to give a big city a go.

Here is my initial layout - cliffs, main roads, coast and walls done.

One observation - the walls look a bit artificial with the straight parts and only 4 directions. But I hope that will not be so obvious once I add vegetation and buildings.

Comments, as always, welcome - you can only help me get better.

LoopysueJimPRicko HascheHadrianVIItalo Dude


  • Mike Schley overland and isometric style desperately needs north-facing cliffs.

    In the absence of them, I usually use Sue Richard's from Darklands, using different terrain colors on different sheets, to try to give the difference in depth between them. Darker terrain at the bottom, and lighter terrain at the top.

    Beatiful style mr Quenten

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