WIP - Entrance to the Blood Rose Maze

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A large room, filled with swirling mists and the faint scent of roses. In the center of the room is a small round table with a vase and single rose. On the floor is a ritual drawing of a rose.

Despite the rest of the teams warnings, Timraos crosses the room to examine the rose. He watches in fascination as the rose begins to move from the vase. Moving in a snake like fashion it quickly strikes, stinging Timraos' hand. The mists tighten and Timraos falls, when he awakes he finds that he is in a maze created out of tall rose bushes.

First draft - focused on drawing the rose pentagram. Looking for a vase and flower to put on the table, add some mist and atmosphere and I'm there. Oh, just noticed I probably should also add a door.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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